Netizens think NMIXX outsings other 4th gen girl groups and is the only JYP girl group in which all members sing live well 

NMIXX is proving themselves to be a rookie with not only pretty visuals but also outstanding talents. 

NMIXX‘s live singing performance on KBS CoolFM is currently a trending discussion on Korean online communities. Following their impressive performances at the debut showcase and music shows, NMIXX has once again showed off great live vocals as if they were “eating CDs” at the radio show, drawing plenty of praise from Korean netizens. NMIXX is also said to have better vocals than their JYP seniors and other 4th generation girl groups. 


Some Korean netizens’ comments on NMIXX’s vocals: 

  • Daebak, it’s unbelievable how every member is so good at singing live. Sullyoon is the visual but she sings well too. 
  • I think Lily is the best main vocal out of all 4th gen female idols 
  • Seriously, Lily is on another level. Among the 4th generation girl groups, NMIXX’s vocals are the best.
  • Their skills are no joke. Don’t they sound like they are all part of the vocal line? They’re eating CDs.
  • A group with no visual or vocal hole. 
  • People always badmouth JYP’s female idols’ ability to sing live, but with NMIXX they chose all members who sing live well 
Korean netizens say NMIXX outsings other 4th gen girl groups and their JYP seniors

When NMIXX first debuted, the majority of positive comments on the group were about their visuals, as the members successfully continue the visual tradition of JYP girl groups with their beautiful looks. 

However, it is clear that the more NMIXX performances that are viewed, the more admiration netizens have for the group. The group not only have attractive visuals, but they also have excellent singing skills. In this way, the group changed the company’s image. Netizens used to believe that all JYP girl groups were awful live singers, but NMIXX proves them wrong.

Reality proves that Knetizens’ praise for NMIXX is not exaggerated at all
Reality proves that Knetizens’ praise for NMIXX is not exaggerated at all

NMIXX has just recently made their debut, yet they already have a strong presence on the stage. Meanwhile, two senior executives at the same company are dealing with their own issues. TWICE had numerous encore performances that were considered disasters, particularly “dancing machine” Momo, who was also called “deaf tone” due to her poor singing. For ITZY, the main vocalist is the one who often performs the worst, dragging down the group’s performance.

Compared to the Gen 4 girl groups, NMIXX also has a much better performance.  IVE is constantly criticized for bad encore stages.  STAYC, Kep1er has the ability to sing live well, but not perfectly. aespa is NMIXX‘s biggest rival. Although aespa’s vocal ability has been verified, the SM girl group has been mired in controversy due to their “habit” of lip-syncing rather than singing live. Furthermore, NMIXX‘s main vocalist, Lily, outperformed NingNing and set a new record as the Gen 4 female idol who can hit the highest note.

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