7 handsome actors who will play BTS members in the drama “Youth”

The Korean drama “Youth”, which takes inspiration from famous Kpop group BTS, has confirmed its cast members. 

After more than 2 years of silence due to various changes, the drama “Youth”, inspired by the career of the famous Kpop group BTS, has officially announced its release date. It is known that “Youth” is set for release this November, and latest images have confirmed the identities of the 7 actors who will assume the role of BTS members. 

As a TV drama based on the “BTS Universe”, “Youth” will expand the storyline from BTS’ music videos, as well as the webcomic “Save Me”. At the same time, it will be a gateway for BTS fans to understand the group’s journey of pursuing their dreams.

Below are the 7 handsome actors who will play BTS in “Youth”

In “Youth”, BTS’ oldest member, Jin, comes from an influential background and is the son of a high-ranking official. Despite having a wealthy life and an attractive appearance, Jin doesn’t know how to express his emotions and is controlled by his authoritarian father. Only when he transfers to a new school, does Jin start to be himself.

Actor Seo Ji Hoon, born in 1997, who previously appeared in the drama “School 2017”, will portray BTS Jin in “Youth.”

Assuming the role of Suga is actor Noh Jong Hyun, who was born in 1993 and previously appeared in “Strangers from Hell”. In the movie, Suga (or Min Yoongi) is described as a cool guy with a warm heart. In “Youth”, Suga’s character was rumored to have set his house on fire, causing the death of his mother. However, this story is not true, and he has to turn to the piano to “heal” himself.

The energetic dancer j-hope, or Jung Hoseok of “Youth”, always carries a positive energy despite having been abandoned in the past. Young actor Ahn Ji Ho, born in 2004, will take on this role. He has gained popularity with the audience through acting projects such as “Move To Heaven”, “Along With the Gods”, and “All of Us Are Dead”. 

bts youth

Meanwhile, in “Youth”, BTS leader RM (Kim Namjoon), comes from a poor family but possesses great determination. He becomes an outstanding student and a responsible person who leads others to develop themselves. It is known that actor Seo Young Joo, who was born in 1998 and has over 10 years of acting experience, is chosen to portray this character.

bts youth

Member Jimin will be played by Kim Yoon Woo, a new discovery in the Korean entertainment industry. From a boy who was overly protected by his family, the Jimin of “Youth” strives to become a star through his talent and wholehearted efforts, while always wearing a bright smile.

bts youth

Actor Jung Woo Jin, who previously starred in the weekend drama “Three Bold Siblings”, will portray BTS V. In “Youth”, V (Kim Taehyung) lives with his alcoholic father, always believing that he will eventually change for the better, and return to how he was when his mother was still alive.

bts youth

Finally, the youngest member of BTS, Jungkook, will be portrayed by Jeon Jin Seo, who was born in 2006. Despite being the youngest among the cast, he has abundant acting experience, having been a child actor and appeared in many successful works such as “My Love from the Star”, “Master Sun”, “The Legend of the Blue Sea”, “The World of the Married”, and “The Heirs”.

In “Youth”, Jungkook is a carefree person who has a close friendship with Suga.

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