(G)I-DLE members tease Minnie “She read messages but didn’t answer…Contact villain”

Members of girl group (G)I-DLE claimed that Minnie is a “contact villain”.

On March 22nd, “Mnet PRIME SHOW” released an interview video of (G)I-DLE. In the video, (G)I-DLE members were asked about their villain moments.


Shuhua caused laughter by saying, “I’ll be a flat-footed villain.” Minnie talked about Shuhua, “She’s too picky when it comes to buying shoes.

Yuqi answered, “I’ll be a shoe insole villain.” Other members agreed. Soyeon said, “You know yourself well. You’re the tallest, but you always use (shoe insoles) that much.

Soyeon asked Miyeon, “What about you?” Miyeon wondered, “What am I?” Shuhua told Miyeon, “Blusher.” Miyeon said, “I like blusher, so I’m a blusher villain.

Next, Minnie thought about what kind of villain she is. Shuhua said, “Contact.” Yuqi then teased, “‘Already read but didn’t answer’ villain.” Miyeon called Minnie “‘Short answer’ villain” and Soyeon said, “‘OK’ villain.


Hearing this, Minnie said, “I don’t say ‘OK’ anymore.

Yuqi replied, “I really hate ‘OK’.” Minnie confessed, “That’s why I say ‘Oki’ or ‘Okay’.

Miyeon and Yuqi called Soyeon an “apology villain“. Miyeon explained, “Soyeon is really good at apologizing. Whenever she says something, she apologizes first.” Yuqi added, “It really makes me speechless.

Soyeon said, “When something happens, if you say sorry first, it’ll be well organized. I try to feel sorry.

Meanwhile, the strongest villain chosen by the members was Yuqi, the shoe insole villain.

Source: Nate

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