Even more than BIBI? Brazilian singer made risqué physical contact with a fan on stage

Brazilian singer-songwriter and influencer MC Pipokinha shocked the audience by engaging in risqué physical contact with a fan who suddenly came up on stage during a concert.

On March 13th (local time), foreign media Marca reported that a female fan unexpectedly rushed onto the stage while MC Pipokinha was performing at a concert.


According to the report, MC Pipokinha and the female fan suddenly began to engage in intense physical contact. They shared passionate kisses and even enjoyed the kind of physical intimacy usually reserved for couples, lying down on the stage.

The female fan even lifted a part of MC Pipokinha’s dress, leaving the audience watching in shock.


Videos of the incident, which were filmed at the scene, quickly spread through social networking services. The majority of fans reacted negatively to the bizarre situation, saying, “We wanted to watch the performance, not strange behaviors.” 

However, some still expressed support for MC Pipokinha’s free-spirited actions.

At the same time, many people suspected that this was a viral marketing strategy to promote MC Pipokinha’s new song. In fact, according to foreign media PopLine, the singer’s song “Bota na Pipokinha” climbed to 48th place on Spotify’s Brazilian music chart due to word of mouth.

Meanwhile, MC Pipokinha has been controversial for uploading videos on TikTok wearing overly provocative outfits and dancing provocatively.

On the other hand, as the situation gains attention in Korea, many people are comparing MC Pipokinha’s “excessive skinship” to past actions of Korean singer BIBI. 

It was known that at Korea University‘s 2022 KUrescendo Festival, BIBI brought a lucky fan up to stage during her performance for “Best Lover”. She then held the fan’s hand, gave him a kiss, put his hand on her waist, and proceeded to give the guy a lap dance, gaining huge attention.

Source: Marca, Daum

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