Lee Do Hyun Shares Behind-the-Scenes Stories of “The Glory” Casting, His Mom’s Call with Writer Kim Eun Sook, And More

In the latest episode of tvN’s variety show “You Quiz on the Block,” Lee Do Hyun opened up about his experience with the hit Netflix drama “The Glory.”

When asked about how he felt when he first received the casting offer, Lee Do Hyun shared that his agency told him, “Kim Eun Sook writer contacted you. Would you dare to take on the role?” 

lee do hyun song hye kyo

Feeling nervous, he decided to meet with the writer. Fortunately, Kim Eun Sook provided him with words of encouragement, saying, “Even if we fail, it’s better to fail together in my work than to go somewhere else and fail.” Her words gave him the confidence to take on the role.

In addition to their initial meeting, Lee Do Hyun and Kim Eun Sook developed a close relationship in a short amount of time. He even shared that Kim Eun Sook had spoken to his mother over the phone, as they were of similar age. 

lee do hyun

Lee Do Hyun expressed his gratitude towards his co-star Song Hye Kyo stating that he felt pressure not to let her down, but that she was so talented that he felt he didn’t have to do much acting in their scenes together.

Source: Nate

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