LE SSERAFIM’s Huh Yunjin talks about the dark side of becoming an idol through her new solo song

Criticism or malicious comments about the appearance, the artists’ silence,… are what Huh Yunjin wants to say through “I ≠ Doll”.

LE SSERAFIM is still a rookie girl group, but Huh Yunjin has left a strong impression individually with her two solo songs “Raise y_our glass” released last August and “I ≠ Doll” which was just out on January 9th.

In particular, “I ≠ Doll” is like an emotional diary recording what Huh Yunjin has felt or witnessed in this harsh entertainment industry since entering the Kpop idol world through the survival show “Produce 48” in 2018.

Huh Yunjin

Not only the self-composed music, the drawings in the MV for “I ≠ Doll” were also done by Huh Yunjin.

Bringing Rock/Metal music into the song, Huh Yunjin delivers a message to those who only care about appearance and miss the inner value. At the same time, she conveys the desire to be empathized through her music. “I ≠ Doll” was composed and written by Huh Yunjin herself with the aim of candidly sharing her thoughts with fans. From malicious comments about looks and how idols do not have a voice of their own because they are afraid of backlash from the public.

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The title of Huh Yunjin’s second solo song is also very unique. It means to say “Idols are not dolls to play with”. The MV is filled with vivid drawings from Huh Yunjin.

The female idol said, “This song contains my thoughts about the new things I’ve known after becoming an idol. Sometimes looking from the outside also becomes the main criterion by which to judge someone. Hopefully the message from ‘I ≠ Doll’ can reach more people.” 

Source: billboard. 

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