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“DNA Mate” Italian guest, “If you live in Italy, you’ll die right away. Italy’s beautiful image is fake”

Sandy, an Italian who has been in an international romantic relationship with a Korean boyfriend for five years, appeared on “DNA Mate”.

The broadcast of MBC’s program “DNA Mate” on January 10th showed father and daughter Lee Kyung Kyu and Lee Ye Rim carrying out dating counseling.

DNA Mate

On the broadcast, guest Sandy expressed her intention to marry her lover Kim Chan Hwi. In response, Lee Ye Rim asked, “What do you think about living in Italy after getting married?”.

DNA Mate

Sandy drew attention as she replied, “Only go to Italy for traveling. Don’t ever live there. Never liver there”.

She continued, “You’ll die as soon as you come to Italy to live. Because there’s no job for you to do. If you make a family there, you’ll end up living a very hard life. South Korea is a much better place to live. The image of a wonderful and classy Italy is fake, it was made up.”

DNA Mate

Source: Naver

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