5 Korean actresses “cursed” with dramas that flopped: Kim Yoo Jung always chose the wrong script, Park Min Young disappointed

The careers of the following actresses are showing signs of decline because they either continuously pick the wrong script and or lack acting skills.

Although they are all famous actresses in the entertainment industry, in recent years, Korean TV has continuously witnessed the “downfall” of the following beautiful actresses when the dramas they starred in continue to achieve low ratings. Should this be considered a warning call for them?

1. Park Min Young

Park Min Young is probably the Korean actress with one of the highest media coverage in the industry every time she makes a drama comeback. However, apparently after the hit series “What’s wrong with Secretary Kim?”, Park Min Young is still unable to “get back on track”. While the acting career of her on-screen romantic partner Park Seo Joon continues to be on the rise, Park Min Young recently starred in two dramas that both failed to achieve great results, namely Her Private Life and When the Weather Is Fine. Both dramas recorded a modest viewership rating of around 2,664% – 2.291%.

The viewers are getting more still worried because Park Min Young is filming an upcoming drama with Song Kang, the male lead of several TV series with low ratings 

2. Kim Yoo Jung

Despite her brilliant acting skills, Kim Yoo Jung seems to be lacking in picking the scripts. If Backstreet Rookie got embroiled in many controversies over its storyline, The 8th Night is considered a horror movie disaster with a disappointing ending. However, Kim Yoo Jung’s career has seen positive signs again as she is currently gaining the viewers’ attention thanks to her role of a “historical fairy” in Hong Chun Gi.  Perhaps, Kim Yoo Jung should continue to stick to historical dramas to promote her strengths. 

Kim Yoo Jung hasn’t been able to be a part of a truly successful project after Love in the Moonlight 

3. Hyeri

After she blew up thanks to the role of Duksun in Reply 1988, Hyeri quickly became one of the most potential actresses in the Korean TV industry. However, contrary to expectations, her latest dramas continued to “flop” as Miss Lee recorded an average rating of 2.859% and My Roommate Is A Gumiho recorded an average rating of 3.883%.

Hyeri’s acting skills are often involved in controversy

4. Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young became the most sought-after Korean beauty following the success of Oh My Ghost and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. However, in the following films, the actress was unable to maintain the audience’s love as well as she had in the first. With a rating of 2,662 percent, the film Abyss, in which she co-starred with Ahn Hyo Seop, was likewise a flop. The most disappointing is Doom At Your Service, a film that was originally regarded as the Goblin’s successor, but which likewise had an unappreciated ending.

5. Hwang Jung Eum

Hwang Jung Eum, once known as the rating queen, has a slew of hit dramas under her belt, including She Was Pretty and Kill Me, Heal Me. However, she hasn’t had any well-received works in recent years. The drama with a fresh theme, Mystic Pop-up Bar, isn’t enough to help this Korean beauty regain her glory. Despite her best efforts, her comeback with “Men Are Men” is a flop, with a rating of less than 4%.

Source: K14

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