Park Yoo Chun went through controversy over using drugs and breaking his retirement promise to receive an international award

Park Yoo Chun surprisingly won the best actor award at the Las Vegas Asian Film Awards for his movie ‘On the Edge’.

Park Yoo Chun won the best actor award at the Las Vegas Asian Film Awards for his movie ‘On the Edge’. The Las Vegas Asian Film Awards recently announced the winner via SNS and officially announced Park Yoo Chun‘s award. 

On the Edge’ is Park Yoo-chun‘s first movie since ‘Sea Fog’ (2014), and also the work of his return to acting after he announced his retirement from the entertainment industry on charges of taking psychotropic drugs.

Park Yoo Chun once swept various rookie awards at Korean film festivals with his screen debut movie ‘Sea Fog’. Now, he won a trophy with ‘On the Edge’, and his acting skills were recognized. No matter how strong-willed he is, the fact that his domestic activities are limited cannot be ignored. 

It is known that in 2019, Park left the celebrities world by his 10-month prison sentence, along with a 2-year suspended sentence, 1.4 million won of fine, protective supervision, compulsory detoxification.

Park Yoo-chun volunteered to retire from the entertainment industry and denied the allegations when he was first accused of violating the Drug Control Act with his ex-lover. But he greatly disappointed the trust of netizens when it was confirmed that he had even purchased drugs afterwards. Retirement was a natural step.

However, he once again undermined trust when he broke his promise to retire. Park Yoo Chun reactivated SNS to communicate with some fans still supporting him and turned his eyes overseas to conduct fan meetings and photoshoots to sound for his return. Of course, every move was tagged with controversy.

“There are a lot of celebrities who have been involved in drug cases and succeeded in returning, but Park Yoo Chun has lost too much public confidence due to his inconsistent attitude as well as drug usage charges,” an industry source stated.


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