“Historical drama goddess” Kim Yoo Jung has all visual, talent, and potential, except for a work that is worthy of her talent

Kim Yoo Jung has both visual and talent but has met a slew of difficulties during the career: starring in several works that flopped, and once receiving hate due to attitude controversies

Kim Yoo Jung, who used to be a famous child actor in the Korean entertainment industry, is now a 22-year-old beautiful woman. Currently, she is starring in Hong Chun Gi, a historical drama that is Kim Yoo Jung’s favorite genre. Although she has only appeared in an episode, Kim Yoo Jung has proved to the viewers that she truly deserves the “Historical drama goddess” title. While waiting for the upcoming performances of Kim Yoo Jung in Hong Chun Gi, let’s look back at Kim Yoo Jung’s long career.

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From a famous child actress to the new generation’s goddess of historical drama 

Born in a family of 3 siblings with a passion for arts, from a very young age, Yoo Jung was discovered by chance when she was supporting her sister at the Mimi competition. At that time, Yoo Jung was only 4 years old, and although she was not an official contestant, she unexpectedly won the most popular award because of her lovely appearance. She was then noticed by film producers. A year later, Yoo Jung made her first appearance in the war movie DMZ. Thanks to her adorable look and natural acting ability, Kim Yoo Jung quickly gained attention and became one of the most popular child actors on the Korean screen for a while, alongside Kim So Hyun.  She became even more famous after starring in the hit drama The Moon Embracing the Sun.

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The Moon Embracing the Sun helped Yoo Jung gain recognition for her impressive acting ability

2016 was the year that marks a remarkable milestone in Kim Yoo Jung’s career, helping her get rid of the image of a child actress to become the new generation’s goddess of historical drama by becoming the female lead in the drama Love In the Moonlight. Her excellent performance and gorgeous visual in the drama made the viewers fall for Yoo Jung completely even though the drama’s screenplay is not too excellent. Since then, Kim Yoo Jung has increasingly perfected her acting ability as well as appearance. Although she has not been part of a prominent movie or drama yet, she always holds a special position in the industry.

Talented but no special mark in the hearts of the public

Calling Kim Yoo Jung the second most beautiful “national sister” on the Korean screen is probably not an exaggeration. She also possesses an impressive acting ability that never disappoints the audience with her performances. But everything seems to be not enough because most of the scenarios she chose did not help her make a breakthrough.

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‘Love In The Moonlight’ is very beautiful, gentle, lovely but not an excellent script. ‘Clean With Passion For Now’ is quite faint; the script has many controversial details. ‘Backstreet Rookie’ brings a stronger and more personal Yoo Jung, but apart from the controversy about the alleged offensive details and the impressive visuals of the main couple, this movie is not very successful in terms of content. Some of her other movies are also quite stable in the Korean cinema field but still have not made a big impact. Of course, the problem is not in Yoo Jung’s acting, but because the script that she chooses is not really a breakthrough. Her role has changed but she still stays with the bright, sweet girl concept, which is not really helping Yoo Jung to show her maximum potential.


Once received hate due to behavior scandals

Kim Yoo Jung got embroiled in a scandal due to her unsophisticated behavior during the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. The dispute arose after a promotional event for the film “Because I Love You”, which was held at a theatre. She was accused of disrespecting the audience and the media during the presentation by standing with her legs apart, swaying, losing focus, and casually toying with her nails while Cha Tae Hyun was giving a meaningful speech.

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At the time, Korean public opinion was outraged by the young star’s demeanor and scolded her for not only disrespecting viewers and the press, but also for being impolite to seniors. The actress’s management company afterward apologized and stated that she had deeply self-reflected her actions. However, a slew of abusive comments directed against her continued to surface on social media. Some people even claimed that Kim Yoo Jung did not deserve the title “national little sister.” The pressure from public opinion was so intense at the time that she was hospitalized and had to cancel all of her plans for the end of 2016.

Previously, Kim Yoo Jung made waves when he made a statement on each person’s professional nature. In an interview, she stated openly: “I think it will be interesting if I play a higher-level role than Park Bo Gum in the new drama. I can play a rich girl and he plays a person who comes from a small business.” Immediately, netizens thought that Kim Yoo Jung was discriminating against small business people.  Her way of expressing made people from the lower class feel hurt.


These scandals all erupted when Kim Yoo Jung was still fairly young. Although Kim Yoo Jung’s age cannot be used to justify her wrongdoings, she has consistently improved since then and has never once made the audience uncomfortable with her behavior. Maybe everyone needs time to grow up and so does Kim Yoo Jung!

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