How do the GOT7 members’ careers turn out after leaving JYP?

After deciding not to renew the contract with JYP,  the GOT7 members currently all have their own direction. 

On January 11, 2021, JYP Entertainment officially announced that all 7 members of GOT7 will not renew their contracts after 7 years of working together. The members’ choice made GOT7 fans in particular and K-pop fans in general not too surprised because during their promotion period, the members were many times neglected by their own management company.

Up to now, the pieces of GOT7 have all found their own directions. Fans can’t help but feel proud now that each member has the opportunity to showcase their talents and pursue the path they love. 


After leaving JYP, JB received many offers from hip-hop companies. However, GOT7’s leader chose to join H1GHR MUSIC last May. Soon after, the male singer kicked off his solo career with the single “Switch It Up” featuring rapper sokodomo. On August 26, 2021, he released his first EP album called SOMO:FUME with 6 songs. In particular, the title song B.T.W also features Jay Park’s special vocals.

Besides, JB also attracted attention when showing off his warm voice on the show “The King of Mask Singer”. The male idol released another MV “I’m Surfing” as part of the promotional campaign for the series “Feel the Rhythm of Korea 2” on September 3, 2021.


BamBam is currently an artist under Abyss Company, the company of Sunmi and Sandara Park. BamBam also pursued a solo career by releasing the mini-album riBBon with the title song of the same name. 

The debut of the Thai handsome male idol immediately received the support of a large number of K-pop fans. Both the album and title track topped iTunes charts in many countries. BamBam made an admirable achievement when becoming the first male solo artist in 2021 to get a roof-hit on Genie. 


Jinyoung decided to pursue his acting career when he joined BH Entertainment – a famous artist management agency founded by actor Lee Byung Hun in 2006. He had an explosive summer with his role of Judge Kim Ga On in The Devil Judge, co-starred with the famous actor Ji Sung. His acting is said to have improved and also praised by the veteran screenwriter of the drama Moon Yoo Suk.

Jinyoung also gave a surprise gift to fans on July 29, 2021 with a self-composed and produced single called DIVE. In the near future, Jinyoung will continue to appear in the drama “Yumi’s Cells” as a famous, handsome and sweet office worker. 


On January 20, 2021, Youngjae signed an exclusive contract with Sublime Artist Agency, getting to work with big stars like Bi Rain, Hyomin (T-ara), Hani (EXID), Im Nayoung… From January 1st to July 25th, 2021, he played the main role of Ha Ram in the musical Midnight Sun.

Besides, the male idol received lots of compliments for his charming acting in the Netflix sitcom series So Not Worth It. Youngjae is currently preparing for his next album and hopes to release it before 2021 ends.


After his contract expired, Mark decided to return to his hometown in Los Angeles. On his YouTube channel, the oldest member of GOT7 also posted a farewell message before leaving Korea. Last February, he released a song titled One In A Million in collaboration with Sanjoy and received positive feedback.

On April 30, 2021, CAA’s official Instagram account announced that Mark had become an artist under their company. CAA is also the home of many big artists such as Jennifer Aniston, Anna Kendrick, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Shakira… As soon as this information was posted, many fans congratulated the male singer. 


Jackson is the first member of GOT7 to be confirmed to have a new direction after leaving JYP. The male artist owns a representative label named Team Wang. His company also signed a special business contract with Sublime Artist Agency – Youngjae’s management company.

He also satisfied fans with the collaboration with Bi Rain in the MAGNETIC MV. Jackson later released the single LMLY and performed on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Recently, he released an English song in collaboration with Internet Money titled “Drive You Home”, thereby deftly demonstrating his directing skills. 


Same as the other members, the youngest Yugyeom has chosen a new company for himself, and that is AOMG – an independent record label run by Jay Park. After six months, the male singer officially made his solo debut with the first album “Point Of View: U”. He chose “All Your Fault” and “Grey” as the 2 title songs for his debut. The previous teaser song “I Want U Around” featuring DeVita also received a lot of support from the audience. 

Although each person chooses different paths, the 7 members of GOT7 always confirm that the group does not disband. The members still maintain a good relationship and always support and congratulate each other on their successes.
In particular, the boys warmed fans’ hearts when they brought the GOT7 sign – the group’s greeting symbol on solo promotion stages. Leader JB once shared, “Although the members have joined different companies, I am the leader of the group, I am responsible for bringing us back together.” 

The fact that GOT7 left JYP, of course, at times made fans can’t help but feel regret. However, witnessing the successes of the 7 members’ careers is what the fans want most of all. At the same time, seeing the close relationship between the members, fans have the right to expect GOT7’s comeback in the future with a complete lineup. 

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