3 questions regarding the prostitution service and Jho Low’s friend, PSY

"I'm just friends with Jho Low. I don't know about the alleged sexual services because I got out of the dining room first."

3 questions regarding the prostitution service and Jho Low's friend, PSY

PSY‘s explanation that he didn’t know anything has caused controversy regarding its validity. It has been revealed that singer PSY, who said he only had one meal with his friend Jho Low, visited a bar run by Jeong Madam with his group. The testimony of witness A is quite specific. PSY is said to have sat side by side with Hwang Ha-na, and rarely talked to Jho Low who he claims to be his friend. The person also said that most of the women who were there are from Jeong Madam’s sex service business.

Question 1. PSY went to look for Jeong Madam but knew nothing about the sexual services?

MBC reported on the 24th the circumstances of YG Entertainment’s former CEO Yang Hyun-suk and PSY using prostitution to entertain some Southeast Asian financiers and Jho Low. Both Yang and PSY have denied this accusation, saying that they only met Jho Low once.

PSY explained earlier that he met only once the day after Jho Low entered the country (July 2014) when controversy flared up. As for the alleged sexual services, he said he did not know there was any woman from the entertainment establishment, and he was there only to introduce Jho Low to Yang Hyun-suk. He admitted to meeting with Jho Low, but denied the key controversy which is the alleged sexual services.

In the end, this explanation turned out to be a lie. It was revealed that he and Yang met Jho Low right on the day he arrived. The place PSY visited with his group on the day was a bar run by Jung Madam. According to witnesses’ tip-offs, six people of Jho Low’s group went to the hotel which was arranged by a YG employee surnamed Kim with the women after the meeting.

PSY might not know about the sexual activity after their meeting, but PSY’s statement that he didn’t even know about the sexual services is not trustworthy because the venue they chose is a well-known establishment in the world of sex workers.

Question 2. Why did PSY appear in YG’s investor meeting?

According to reports, Yang’s attempt to entertain Jho Low’s group was a prelude to entering Southeast Asia. Yang Hyun-suk, who had been agonizing over the falling profits after BIGBANG’s military enlistment, turned to the Southeast Asian market and began building relationships with the upper class who wields absolute influence on the local capital market. Introducing women to theThai financiers and Jho Low can be seen as a part of this plan.

The question is why there was PSY at the table. It seems unlikely that he was present simply to help YG invest. At that time, Psy was struggling alone to produce a follow-up song to keep up with the success of “Gangnam Style”. It is not yet clear why he cleared all of his busy schedules as a World Star and met the group directly. If PSY’s statement that he introduced Jho Low to Yang Hyun-suk is true, it is possible that the background included something directly related to him.

Question 3. Why is PSY a witness and not a suspect?

In this case, PSY, too, can be seen as the host of this sexual service. PSY’s official position that they only met once 1 day after Jho Low’s arrival turned out to be false. The fact that Jho Low and Psy met a day before that, and that the venue is an establishment of Jeong Madam, where a large number of women from the sex industry are mobilized, is also an important point.

It is highly likely that Psy was aware of sexual services in advance. Still, it is questionable why the police summoned him only as a witness, not as a suspect. The main idea of the investigation is not to find out who the sex workers are and who received the sex service. It is more important to identify those who are the main characters of the Korean wave but expands through the illegal and expedient of sexual services and to thoroughly reveal what criminal acts they have committed. This means that the incident can be seen not just as a matter of moral hazard for a management company and some singers, but also as a matter of threatening the security of Korean society. This is why the public is angry at YG and disappointed with PSY.

In the latest police investigation, Psy reportedly said, “I don’t know about any sex services“. The same is said by Jeong Madam, who was first summoned as a witness. But suspicions are snowballing, and public suspicion is also proportional.

3 questions regarding the prostitution service and Jho Low's friend, PSY

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