Red Velvet Irene leaves the audience breathless with her stunning visual at the “R to V” concert, slowly revives her career post-scandal 

Red Velvet Irene captures attention with her youthful image at Red Velvet’s 4th concert. 

In 2014, when Irene debuted with Red Velvet, the rookie idol quickly captured much attention from the public with her one-of-a-kind visual. She gained more and more adoration from fans with each comeback cycle. Thanks to her increased popularity, Irene also debuted in a unit with Seulgi for a short period. 

 Irene from her early debut days 


Irene’s iconic ending fairy 

However, in 2020, a scandal broke out in which the female idol was accused of verbally assaulting her stylist for 20 minutes. In response, SM made an announcement about a reconciliation between the two, and Irene, herself, issued an apology regarding the matter. Nonetheless, netizens’ reaction remained heated. Some even demanded the idol to be removed from the group. 

In the following years, while the other three members received new promotional activities, Irene kept a relatively low profile.

Joy, Seulgi and Wendy made their respective solo debuts 

red velvet yeri dazed

Yeri was busy with pictorial shootings 

Irene mostly appeared in group activities 

However, lately, Irene is gradually making her return. The idol is doing photoshoots again and is gaining more attention from the public. Most notably, during Red Velvet’s 4th concert, “R to V”, Irene stole the spotlight for her immaculate visual. Netizens responded positively, stating that her beauty was flawless and youthful as ever. It seems fans are welcoming Irene back to the K-pop scene. 

Source: K14 

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