Coldplay Chris Martin shows off an immense love for BTS Jin in upcoming exclusive short film 

Coldplay Chris Martin expressed great affection for BTS Jin.

Recently, an interview cut was uploaded on Coldplay official Instagram account. It was followed by a caption that reads: “I really love that guy”. 


In the video, Coldplay lead vocalist Chris Martin praised BTS Jin, who was a special guest at the concert in Buenos Aires. 

Chris Martin said, “When we were planning the Buenos Aires show, it just happened to coincide with Jin having to go into the army in Korea. I did it because I really love that guy. I love that band. I love the story of it, the weirdness of that relationship, and how it becomes so natural. It sort of inspires me across my life, to lean in to what’s unusual when it feels right”. 

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Through Coldplay Instagram, the solid friendship between Jin and Coldplay continues. Chris Martin was the first to congratulate Jin when his song, “The Astronaut”, was included in the “Top 100 Best Songs of 2022” by Rolling Stone. On Coldplay’s performance on SNL, he did a cover of Jin’s “The Austronaut” while wearing a “wootteo” shirt. 


In many interviews, Chris Martin said that the collaboration between BTS and Coldplay on “My Universe” was thanks Jin’s idea. He also expressed generous affection for Jin by calling him “Worldwide Handsome” whenever he referred to Jin and gave Jin a guitar that he has played for more than 10 years.

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