3 K-drama male stars whose acting is said to need improvement 

Taking on lead roles in 3 outstanding dramas in the first half of 2022, these 3 actors still have their acting questioned by viewers. 

Korean dramas in early 2022 have treated us to plenty of impressive small-screen performances. However, aside from actors who flawlessly portray their roles, there are still some actors whose acting skills are said to need improvement. 


After the success of the historical drama The King’s Affection, SF9’s Rowoon has recently landed his next male lead role in the fantasy drama Tomorrow, where he plays an intern Grim Reaper whose job is to protect people with suicidal thoughts from taking their own lives. 


Rowoon’s acting in Tomorrow has been drawing mixed reactions. Some audiences find his overall performance lacking, especially when compared to his experienced co-stars. In emotional scenes, Rowoon is said to fail to show diverse emotions through his eyes so it is difficult for viewers to feel connected to his character. Moreover, some reviews claim that the writing plus Rowoon overacting caused his character to feel flat, annoying, and not worthy of being the drama’s protagonist. 

Perhaps the biggest reason why Rowoon’s acting comes under controversy is that he has to act alongside seniors with excellent skills and charm, including veteran actress Kim Hee Sun. Lee Soo Hyuk with his overflowing charisma also easily overshadows Rowoon. 


Previously, in The King’s Affection, in terms of acting, Rowoon was also said to be outshined by the brilliant portrayal of a cross-dressing female lead by actress Park Eun Bin. 

Song Kang

Another actor who often draws mixed reviews acting-wise is Song Kang. Earlier this year, Song Kang was cast alongside the “rom-com queen” Park Min Young in Forecasting Love and Weather. 

Forecasting love and weather-Song Kang

Although Song Kang’s acting in Forecasting Love and Weather is not deemed bad, viewers say they don’t see the difference between his acting in this drama and his previous work Nevertheless. Especially when acting next to an experienced senior like Park Min Young, Song Kang’s shortcomings seem to be more obvious. Korean netizens also claim that they are bothered by Song Kang’s lacking diction and intonation, which are very important for an actor. 

Song Kang is without doubt one of the most popular young K-drama stars at the moment who is constantly offered leading parts. However, he has yet to really leave a lasting impression on the audiences with any role he has taken on so far.

Song Kang

Song Kang needs a more explosive performance to be recognized as an actor with more than just handsome looks. It would be better if he could challenge himself in more diverse drama genres and less safe character images. 

Nam Joo Hyuk

2022 can be considered a successful year for Nam Joo Hyuk. He had an extremely successful comeback with “Twenty Five Twenty One”.

Nam Joo Hyuk

The actor has improved in terms of acting skills. He had a good collaboration with co-star Kim Tae Ri. He also embodies the spirit of the character as a serious and talented reporter.

However, sometimes, Nam Joo Hyuk still showed a stiff expression. There are even some scenes where the actor doesn’t interact too well with other characters.

Although compared to the above two actors, Nam Joo Hyuk is still slightly better, but nevertheless, he can do better if he tries harder.

Nam Joo Hyuk

Just above are the 3 male leads in 2022 that I think their acting skills need to improve. Hopefully they will have an explosive role in the future.

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