2018 interests of elementary school students are BTS, Pyeongchang Olympics, and Slime

The Elementary Learning Research Center announced the results of a 2018 settlement survey conducted on 3395 elementary school students nationwide.

According to this, 24.8% of the students selected BTS as the most memorable characters of the year. The reasons for choosing BTS were “They are very famous people on TV or internet (26.6%)” and “They informed our country abroad (25.1%)”.

2018 interests of elementary school students are BTS, Pyeongchang Olympics, and Slime

Creator Ddotty (18.1%) and singer TWICE (13.2%) were ranked after BTS. Particularly in the case of creator Ddotty , it received high support from the first grade to the third grade among the lower grade students and boys. 24.1% of lower grade students and 28.0% of boys chose creator Ddotty.

2018 interests of elementary school students are BTS, Pyeongchang Olympics, and Slime

Choi Hyung  Soon, director of the elementary school learning center, said: “The boundaries between entertainers and creators are gradually disappearing. As one media platform becomes more active and creators become more active, more and more creators are enjoying the same popularity as entertainers.” ” In the “Hope for future,” we have the most students in the list,” he added. “We can see that this year’s popularity continues even after last year.”

◆ One of the most memorable news this year is “Pyeongchang Winter Olympics” in the lower grades, and “South-North summit”

When the students were asked what year’s most memorable news was, there were different results depending on the grade. From the first grade to the third grade, the most memorable news for the younger students was the “Pyeongchang Winter Olympics”, and the fourth-grade students from the fourth to sixth grades picked the “North-South Summit”.

Students who said “holding PyeongChang Winter Olympics” as the most memorable news responded to the reason: “It is often seen on TV or internet (31.3%)” and “It is an important event globally (24.8%)”. The students who chose the summit meeting were most likely to say “It was a meaningful thing in history (48.7%).”

◆ Slime (45.2%), the most popular item this year, will continue next year

When being asked what the most memorable fashion of the year  is, most students chose “Slime”. Slime, a sticky and flaky mucilage toys, was rated as the most popular among elementary students this year, with a high response rate of 45.2%. More than half of the girls, especially 60.6%, chose slime, which showed that slime was prevalent among female students. On the other hand, boys said that they loved iKON’s “Love Scenario” (38.0%) more than slime (24.2%).

When being asked whether they think the slime epidemic will continue next year, 59.8 percent of the students said it will continue to be popular, suggesting slime popularity will continue next year. In addition, the most popular item of this year’s fashion items were the pit-spinner, the diary decorating, and the tic-tac finger dance.

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