New movie “Remember”, a collaboration of “A Violent Prosecutor” director, Lee Sung Min, and Nam Joo Hyuk drops 1st trailer 

The first poster and trailer for “Remember” have been released. 

“A Violent Prosecutor” director Lee Il Hyung’s new film “Remember” has been confirmed to hit the theatres on October 26. The first poster and trailer have been released.

“Remember” follows Pil Joo, an Alzheimer’s patient in his 80s, who attempts to carry out a revenge scheme he has planned for 60 years in search of the pro-Japanese who killed his entire family. He teams up with In Gyu, a young man in his 20s who unintentionally gets involved in this revenge.


The first posters released show a close-up of Lee Sung Min, the protagonist Pil Joo of the revenge with a gun, and Nam Joo Hyuk as In Gyu, a young man watching Pil Joo anxiously.

The Chinese character 殺 (sal), meaning “kill”, is tattooed with dark ink on the rough hand of Pil Joo. Pil Joo also tattooes the names of those he is seeking revenge on because he does not know when he will lose his memory due to Alzheimer’s. It makes viewers wonder what the people who were targeted for Pil Joo’s revenge did to him.


At the moment when death approaches due to the terminal brain tumor, Pil Joo firmly pulls the trigger toward the enemy as he has waited his whole life for this.

In Gyu, who is full of compassion as he watches Pil Joo, adds to the curiosity about the story and dynamic between the two, who are like grandfather and grandson. 


In the trailer released at the same time, the transformation of Lee Sung Min, who plays an old man in his 80s, draws attention. The hunched shoulders and the hoarse voice of Pil Joo make viewers forget about Lee Sung Min’s real age.

Pil Joo calmly says, “My name is Han Pil Joo. I am an Alzheimer’s patient.” He shows the determination of a man who lost all his family during the Japanese colonial period and planned revenge on his enemies for a long time.


In Gyu is a young man who gets caught up in Pil Joo’s revenge, and accompanies him. This character demonstrates the power of empathy and compassion that transcends beyond generations.

“Remember” is also produced by the film company that made movies such as “A Violent Prosecutor”, “Money”, “The Spy Gone North” and Netflix’s new series “Narco-Saints”, raising more expectations.

“Remember” will be released on October 26th.

Source: insight

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