“TOEIC 905 points” Jang Do-yeon, laughing at suspicion of forgery of academic background… “Why do I have to do this?”

Webtoon writer Kian84 doubted Jang Do-yeon’s academic background.

Jang Do-yeon appeared as a guest on “Gungye 84” of Kian84’s YouTube channel, which was released on August 14th.

Kian84 introduced, “Jang Do-yeon speaks English very well. Her TOEIC score is 950.” Jang Do-yeon corrected it as “905 points” and said embarrassedly, “I got it 15 years ago…”

Hearing this, Kian84 joked, “Is it a forgery of academic background?” Jang Do-yeon laughingly said, “Why do I have to forge my academic background?” When asked “How many points do you get these days?” Jang Do-yeon replied, “I forgot everything.” Kian84 praised her, “But you’re still great.”

Meanwhile, Jang Do-yeon taught herself TOEIC and received a high score of 905 within 5 months. She passed the Department of Visual Design at Kyung Hee University by TOEIC special admission.

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