YTN Reporters Voted For Song Hye Kyo As Best And MAMAMOO’s Solar As Worst Dressers Of The Week

◆ Best: Song Hye-kyo

Reporter Choi Bo-ran: Simple but never boring, her outfit looks easy, but it’s not easily styled. The colors are harmonious because the tones are down instead of a variety of colors. Stockings and platform heels are also chosen in the same burgundy color as a highlight point, and at the same time, making her legs look long.

song hye kyo
Song Hye Kyo

◆ Good: Han So-hee

Reporter Choi Bo-ran: The outfit is pretty with or without the fact that her face can complete any kind of fashion. The combination of black and navy is luxurious and makes her white skin shine even more. Depending on how you match the bottoms, the atmosphere will vary, but the upper was paired with black pants and long boots to create a casual and elegant look at the same time.

han so hee

◆ So-so: Park Ji-hyun

Reporter Kang Na-ri: As she is taking on the role of a detective in her new work, she seems to have attended the press conference with boyish styling, but… it seems a little too much. It is distracting to match a loose fit jacket with a dress whose hem is asymmetrically dropped to the ankle.

song-hye-kyo-han-so-hee-park-ji-hyun-Lee Da-hee

◆ Bad: Lee Da-hee

Reporter Oh Ji-won: I wonder if it’s a fashion style that suits 2024. The top patterns, ultra-mini skirts with a wide belt, and even brown boots, it’s an old-fashioned outfit.

Lee Da hee

◆ Worst: Solar

Reporter Kim Sung-hyun: The shimmering decoration, the burdensome see-through, and the cut design that is too wide open here. It’s weird to use them one by one, and it’s even more of a total crisis when you put them together.

mamamo solar

Source: YTN

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