“You’re cool, Yeon Jin!”…Lim Ji Yeon erased her “wicked woman” image in “The Glory”

Actress Lim Ji Yeon’s new pictorial, which erased her image as Park Yeon Jin in “The Glory”, was released.

On Jan 20th, Lim Ji Yeon‘s agency Artist Company released pictorial and interview for the February issue of Vogue Korea, which contains Lim Ji Yeon’s colorful charm.

Lim Ji Yeon Vogue

Through this pictorial, Lim Ji Yeon shows an unconventional new face that is different from what she has shown so far, drawing admiration from viewers.

Lim Ji Yeon Vogue

In the pictorial, Lim Ji Yeon attracted attention by perfectly digesting long straight hair, intense red lips and tight black suit. It is also said that she boasted her unique aura through various expressions, from cool to strong charisma, and aroused admiration on set.

In the interview, Lim Ji Yeon shared behind-the-scenes stories of Netflix’s series “The Glory“, which is gaining worldwide popularity, along with stories related to actress Lim Ji Yeon.

Lim Ji Yeon Vogue
Lim Ji Yeon Vogue

Lim Ji Yeon plays Park Yeon Jin, who gave Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) an indelible pain. She is receiving favorable reviews for her perfect performance even in her first villainous role challenge.

Meanwhile, Lim Ji Yeon, who debuted in 2011, made her face known through the 2014 film “Obsessed”. Afterwards, she appeared in the movies “The Treacherous”, “Tazza: One Eyed Jack” and the drama “Blow Breeze”. She has recently gained huge popularity with “The Glory”.

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