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“You shouldn’t live that hard at such a young age”… Sung Dong-il advises UEE about eating spicy food

Actor Sung Dong-il gave advice to his junior UEE.

UEE appeared as the third guest on tvN STORY’s variety show “Take Care of Me This Week”, which aired at 11 p.m on May 23rd. MC Sung Dong-il prepared the “special powder” he picked up from a famous chicken feet restaurant himself and the famous “special spicy kimchi” in Dae-gu for UEE, who likes spicy food so much that she even carries hot sauce along everywhere.


Sung Dong-il put kimchi in front of UEE and said, “If kimchi touches your lips, the show might be ended. (It’s really spicy) Don’t let it touch your lips”. UEE calmly responded, “This kimchi is so delicious”. Sung Dong-il, who was discouraged by UEE’s answer, said, “Aren’t you living too hard at such a young age?”.

UEE also prepared a special dish for Sung Dong-il and Ko Chang-seok. Sung Dong-il expressed his expectation, saying, “I think she must have prepared it carefully and properly since she doesn’t like to owe something to others.” However, UEE said “I prepared a kind of fusion food that I could not even imagine” then showed her Jajang ramyeon dish with a familiar visual. Seeing Sung Dong-il and Ko Chang-seok look unhappy, UEE said, ”Don’t be disappointed. This is not the main dish.” then took out her “secret weapon”.

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