aespa Karina flaunts her shocking bare face on the streets of Paris 

Karina, a member of girl group aespa, showed her shocking visual in Paris, France 

On October 4th, aespa Karina posted several photos along with a short caption “Paris” through the group’s official Instagram account.

In the photo, Karina is posing in a black mini dress under the blue sky in Paris. Her long straight hair, white skin, and dazzling earrings create an innocent yet chic feeling.

In the video released along with the photo, her beauty stands out even more. As she was wearing an off-the-shoulder dress, her deep clavicle is accentuated, making it even more sexy.

aespa karina

Karina’s dreamy charm is also revealed in the photos taken by her fans.

In particular, fans who met Karina in Paris are posting pictures of her on social media one after another.

In the photos taken by fans, Karina attracts attention by showing off her extraordinary beauty even on the street without a single light. Her small face, big eyes and a pointed nose are similar to a doll.

Meanwhile, Karina is a member of SM Entertainment’s girl group aespa and was born in 2020.

After seeing Girls’ Generation’s “Into The New World”, Karina dreamed of becoming a singer, and since middle school, had been active in the school’s dance club.

After attending high school for about a year, she was cast in SM Entertainment.

Karina, who was an Instagram star with a lot of followers in the past, is unusually surprised to hear that she was cast through Instagram DM.

At the time, there was also a rumor, so she thought it was a scam when she got the casting offer, bringing laughter.

Source: insight

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