Yoon (STAYC) tells the story of the first time she met Lisa (BLACKPINK)

When Yoon first met her idol, she tried to look “cool” but completely failed.

STAYC recently had a photoshoot with Esquire Korea and then sat down for an interview for their Youtube channel. The members had very interesting sharings about themselves. 

 stayc yoon

When it was Yoon’s turn, she confirmed that Lisa is still her role model and revealed how she failed miserably at being a “cool” fan the first time she met the BLACKPINK member at Inkigayo!

stayc yoon

“Lisa from BLACKPINK is my role model. I actually ran into her recently while MC-ing on Inkigayo. I was overjoyed, but because I’m now also an idol, I tried not to show it. But when I said ‘Hello,’ everything fell apart!”

stayc yoon lisa

Yoon couldn’t keep her cool in front of Lisa, no matter how hard she tried. She was overjoyed when she met and greeted her idol.

Since her pre-debut, Yoon has attracted attention because of her resemblance to Lisa. The two girls both have a full set of bangs, full lips, and bright, lovely smiles!

Meanwhile, STAYC has just released the first mini-album named Stereotype and the MV for the title track of the same name in early September. The group received many compliments for their catchy music and outstanding visuals.  STAYC also achieved certain successes.

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