Yoo Hye-won, break up with Seungri after 3 dating rumors? She’s relaxed amid ex-boyfriend’s cheating controversy

While former Big Bang member Seungri is embroiled in cheating controversy, influencer Yoo Hye-won, who was linked to Seungri in 3 previous dating rumors, shared her carefree daily life

On Oct 4th, Yoo Hye-won posted a throwback picture with brown hair, captioning it “Brown hair days“.

Yoo Hye-won

Earlier on the same day, Dispatch reported suspicions of Seungri’s alleged affairs with two women, A and B, in Bali. According to the report, Seungri spent time with A from Sep 21st to Sep 25th in Bali. After A left Bali, Seungri met B on Sep 26th and went on a date. Both women received the same date course from Seungri. However, A and B were aware of each other’s SNS, and they reportedly uncovered Seungri’s two-timing behavior. Additionally, B claimed that Seungri had visited a club the day after his affair was exposed.


Amid Seungri’s alleged affairs, Yoo Hye-won, who is presumed to be his ex-girlfriend, is also attracting public attention.

Yoo Hye-won has been a subject of public interest due to her rumored relationship with Seungri from before his military service to his recent dating allegations. Some netizens speculated that Yoo Hye-won may have been waiting for Seungri while he served his prison sentence. However, with the revelation of Seungri’s involvement with other women, opinions have shifted, suggesting that Yoo Hye-won and Seungri’s relationship may have come to an end.

Source: Nate

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