BABYMONSTER’s debut and G-Dragon’s comeback… YG, the variable is BLACKPINK’s renewal of contract

The stock price of YG Entertainment (YG) is showing a rebound trend recently.

Although there have been concerns over a slowdown in performance due to the recent departure of some celebrities, expectations for the comeback of BIGBANG G-Dragon, the return of Yang Hyun Suk as a general producer and the debut of new girl group BABYMONSTER seem to have been reflected. However, it is pointed out as an unstable factor that it has not been confirmed whether BLACKPINK, a group that has emerged as YG’s “icon, will renew their contract.

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YG’s stock price has recently been on a steady rise. It closed at 48,100 won on Jan 17th. Although it fell slightly compared to the previous day, it did not significantly affect the recent upward curve.

Last month, former YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk was acquitted of threatening charge, adding strength to the rise of YG. The stock price graph fluctuated after Taeyang and Daesung left YG, but endured well and stayed stable when Kang Dong Won, who returns to acting activities after a long break, and iKON moved to new companies. 

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The launching of YG’s new girl group and the solo comeback of its representative artist G-Dragon are also having a positive impact on the stock price. After announcing the debut plan of its new girl group BABYMONSTER on the first day of 2023, YG is introducing the members sequentially. As the new group created by Yang Hyun Suk, who returns as a producer after 3 years, BABYMONSTER is expected to continue “YG’s tradition”.

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G-Dragon’s solo activities were also announced on January 1st. Through a new video, G-Dragon said, “I’m planning to carry out various activities and meet everyone”, adding “I’m also preparing an album”. With the news of BLACKPINK Jisoo’s solo debut on the following day, YG heralds an active year.

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Of course, there are also “variables”, with BLACKPINK about to renew their contract this year. BLACKPINK is a card YG must hold onto, seeing that their world tour, which resumed after Yang Min Suk’s return as the CEO, made a huge contribution to YG’s sales last year. Accordingly, whether or not BLACKPINK will survive their contract renewal is expected to have a significant impact on the earnings and stock prices of YG Entertainment.

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At the same time, it remains unknown whether BABYMONSTER will perform beyond expectations. As girl groups such as NewJeans, IVE, and LE SSERAFIM have already dominated the 4th generation idol market, attention is being focused on whether BABYMONSTER will manage to create a new wave.

Source: Daum

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