Gong Hyo-jin refuted the ‘plastic surgery’ suspicion, “She looks exactly like Dongbaek”

In “Harmless From Today”, Gong Hyo-jin drew attention by “washing away” the suspicion of her undergoing plastic surgery and captured the hearts of viewers with her cute interactions with Kim Hae-joon.

On December 9th, the last appearance of Jukdo Island was depicted on KBS2TV’s entertainment show “Harmless From Today”. On this day, Gong Hyo-jin surprisingly visited comedian Kim Hae-joon (Choi Jun) and revealed that she was a fan of him. The two stayed in Jukdo Island together. They decided to make tables for the female president, who had helped them several times. In addition, Kim Hae-joon also challenged upcycling with Lee Chun-hee.

Seeing Gong Hyo-jin use the saw skillfully, Kim Hae-joon said, “You’re so good at sawing”, with a surprised face. Kim Hae-joon also challenged himself with the saw. He said the wood shouldn’t be broken into small pieces. But as soon as he finished his words, the wood was smashed. While Kim Hae-joon was confused because of the precious wood getting smashed, Gong Hyo-jin, who was standing next to him, said, “I don’t know the trick. Can you show me how?”

Gong Hyo-jin Harmless From Today

When Gong Hyo-jin was taking photos, Kim Hae-joon appeared in his ‘Choi Jun’ mode again, saying, “Don’t take a photo of me. You may fall in love with me”. Upon hearing his remark, Gong Hyo-jin burst into laughter. Then, she said, “Oppa, this place is so beautiful”. Kim Hae-joon replied, “I only see you”, adding, “You idiot, why aren’t you following me? Follow me, Gong Hyo-jin”. Gong Hyo-jin then ran along Kim Hae-joon to the beach.

Gong Hyo-jin Harmless From Today

Seeing the cringey scene, Jeon Hye-jin and Lee Chun-hee said, “I got goosebumps”. Regardless of this, Gong Hyo-jin said, “We have Choi Jun”. After that, when was asked, “Please show us your dance”, asking for a performance of Taemin’s “MOVE”, Kim Hae-joon turned on his ‘Choi Jun’ mode again and said, “I will show you a little bit of it”. Then, they continued to buy ice creams together. Gong Hyo-jin asked to share an ice cream. She laughed and said, “Does it split in half if we divide the twin bar? Dating? Matching? Dating?”. Kim Hae-joon responded, “If it splits well, it will become a pair. Let’s leave it up to fate”

Gong Hyo-jin Harmless From Today

Unfortunately, it was time for Kim Hae-joon to go back. When Gong Hyo-jin said, “It’s a pity that you have to go now”, Kim Hae-joon promised the next meeting, “Do you think it’s over if I go there?”, embarrassing Gong Hyo-jin once again. Above all, Jeon Hye-jin decided to bring the female president who readily accepted whenever they needed help. She expressed her confidence, “Should I go get the president? I’ve gotten a little closer to her.”

The female president arrived like that. When Kim Hae-joon introduced himself, the female president made everyone burst into laughter by asking, “Who is Kim Hae-joon?” Gong Hyo-jin comforted him, “She didn’t even believe I was Dong-baek.” Earlier, the female president made headlines as she told Gong Hyo-jin, “Did you have your face redone?”

Gong Hyo-jin Harmless From Today

The female president looked at Gong Hyo-jin one more time and replied, “Now you and Dong-baek look a little alike.” After seeing the table’s size, the female president frankly said, “I think it’s a bit narrow.” When Gong Hyo-jin added an explanation, the female president made people laugh once again by her unique cheerfulness, “We’ll sit here and eat as much as we can with three side dishes. One drink for you, one drink for me.”

Gong Hyo-jin, Lee Chun-hee and Jeon Hye-jin gathered in one place. It was because they decided to visit large company L. They gradually expanded their dream by sharing concerns about eco-friendliness with the employees who arrived just in time.

After the employees left, the three were still confused. Gong Hyo-jin revealed, “Uhm Ji-won texted me asking if I was filming well.” Lee Chun-hee shared, “There were a lot of amazing things after that.” Jeon Hye-jin brought everyone joy with her cute words, “I feel like I got a job at a large corporation.”

That night, the last night in Jukdo was depicted as they danced to Taemin’s “Move” choreography which was taught by Choi Jun.

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