“Male-female” best friend couples in the Korean entertainment industry

Below are 5 famous celebrity best friend couples in the Korean entertainment industry.

Why don’t you get married?” – Many people must have been tired of hearing this question on holidays. In this modern life, we can still live happily without getting married. Rather than a spouse, a friend who knows you well can make your life richer. Having a soulmate, whether that person is a man or a woman, who can understand your heart is like getting the treasure of your life.

There are many celebrities in the entertainment industry who are singles. In fact, the chemistry between male and female best friends no longer causes misunderstandings.

Song Hye-kyo and Yoo Ah-in sometimes share moments of their friendship, which are sweeter and stronger than that of lovers. Getting to know each other as senior and junior of the same company, the two have made headlines many times for their skinship interactions and real brother-sister chemistry. Best buddies of nearly 30 years, Uhm Jung-hwa and Jung Jae-hyung make netizens jealous with how they take care of each other on birthdays more gently than lovers. Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo-jin have proved their strong relationship by showing perfect chemistry in advertisement shootings.

Several best friend couples in the entertainment industry have shared their true friendship beyond gender. Even if they stick together, travel together, touch each other’s cheeks, or hug each other warmly, they would not be involved in dating rumors. This is because they get along with each other as “male friends” and “female friends” better than lovers. 

Song Hye-kyo – Yoo Ah-in: “A friendship that is deeper than love”

Song Hye-kyo and Yoo Ah-in have been under the same agency for such a long time. Sometimes they boast a relationship between a sister and a younger brother. Sometimes they boast the strong friendship that they have built as top actors of the same era.

“Malefemale” best friend couples in the Korean entertainment industry

When one of them release new works or film new projects, the other would be the first to make promotional posts and show enthusiastic support through SNS. Even amidst busy schedules, they still spend time sending coffee trucks to each other and attending press conferences to prove their true friendship. A photo of Song Hye-kyo and Yoo Ah-in, which was released a long time ago, could have caused misunderstandings because of the confusing atmosphere, but in fact, rather than a dating rumor, they are described as best friends who shared warm moments of a special friendship.  

“Malefemale” best friend couples in the Korean entertainment industry

Yoo Ah-in sent a coffee truck to the filming set of SBS’s drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up”, which ended on January 8th. The phrase on the truck’s banner said, “I love you. Song Hye-kyo ssi, hope you will live long and healthy – From Uhm Hong-sik”, clearly shows the friendship between the two.

Uhm Jung-hwa – Jung Jae-hyung: 30 years of friendship… “A person to be engraved on my tombstone”

Singer Uhm Jung-hwa recently posted a video that is full of hearts on her SNS along with the message, “Jae-hyung’s Birthday Week”. Jung Jae-hyung presented Uhm Jung-hwa with a touching dinner on her birthday in July last year. On that day, Uhm Jung-hwa said, “Jae-hyung prepared the dinner for me. I got home and saw some bouquets of flowers. I’m such a happy person”.

hm Junghwa  Jung Jaehyung

Uhm Jung-hwa and Jung Jae-hyung have been best friends for more than 30 years, which is at the level of a “real couple”. It is hard to describe how the two have influenced each other. 

Jung Jae-hyung once said that Uhm Jung-hwa is “a person to be engraved on my tombstone”, while Uhm Jung-hwa considers Jung Jae-hyung as “the soulmate of my spirit”.

Jung Jae-hyung introduced Uhm Jung-hwa to surfing. Regarding how she has changed because of Jung Jae-hyung, Uhm Jung-hwa said, “I feel grateful to him for the rest of my life for introducing surfing to me”, adding, “My life changed after I learned surfing. Originally, I couldn’t live the city and I only traveled in urban areas. However, after learning to surf, I realized that I could get out of the old pattern and live in the countryside. Therefore, my habits changed.

Jung Jae-hyung once emotionally said, “Since my tastes and directions are similar to Uhm Jung-hwa’s, we affect each other a lot”, adding, “She is a friend who gives me strength and whom I want to praise for every step of her. Instead of staying where we are now, I want to find another direction and taste then travel together with her.

“Kkong siblings” Gong Yoo – Gong Hyo-jin, the reason why there are no dating rumors

Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo-jin, “Kkong siblings”

It is a nickname given to Gong Hyo-jin and Gong Yoo, who have the surname Gong, after the two worked together in SBS’ drama “Hello My teacher” in 2005. They also showed great chemistry in accompanying advertisements.

"Kkong siblings" Gong Yoo  Gong Hyojin

Gong Hyo-jin’s reaction was once a hot topic when Gong Yoo was embroiled in marriage rumors with Jung Yoo-mi in the past. Gong Hyo-jin made everyone burst into laughter as she commented under a post about the rumors, “It’s driving me crazy. Why isn’t he ever rumored to be dating me? I hate that even more!” Both are still single, and they almost got caught up in dating rumors at least once, but no one doubted them. It turned out that it was impossible. Gong Yoo is known to be the 79th generation of the Gokbu Gong clan and Gong Hyo-jin is from the 81st generation.

Hong Seok-cheon – Wax, “Do you want to have a baby with me through artificial insemination?”

Singer Wax and Hong Seok-cheon have been building their friendship for more than a decade since they first met at Hong Seok-cheon’s restaurant. The two are the only ones who consult each other’s deep concerns.

Hong Seokcheon  Wax, "Do you want to have a baby with me through artificial insemination?"

In a broadcast, Wax shared, “I don’t want to live with someone just because we’re close. But if Hong Seok-cheon is by my side, I can rely on him. I’m sure I can live a fun life.”

Wax also revealed that she received an artificial insemination proposal from Hong Seok-cheon. She shared the tragicomic anecdote, “When I told Hong Seok-cheon ‘I regret not having a child’, he asked ‘Do you want to have a baby with me through artificial insemination?'”

BoA – U-Know Yunho, “We’re like fraternal twins”

BoA and U-Know Yunho are friends of the same age as well as seniors and juniors under SM Entertainment. U-Know Yunho trusts and relies on BoA enough to send a letter to her while serving in the military.

U-Know Yunho once expressed deep trust and affection for BoA, “There were two difficult moments in my life. For some reason, BoA appeared during that time. She’s a friend who rushes to my side without asking any questions. She’s more loyal than men.”

BoA  UKnow Yunho, "We're like fraternal twins"

When appearing on MBC’s entertainment program “I Live Alone” in the past, U-Know Yunho said, “If you or I get married, I think both of us will get emotional.” Upon hearing this, BoA shared, “We don’t contact each other often, but it feels like yesterday whenever we see each other. I feel like we’re fraternal twins.”

“Is it possible to be friends between a man and a woman?” is still a controversial question. According to a survey, 45% of men and 61% of women said that friendship between opposite sexes is possible. However, sometimes “friendship deeper than love” is a hundred times better than a shallow relationship where you become strangers for the rest of your life when you break up.

There is a strange resonance between their love and friendship in which they share joys and sorrows as well as become each other’s warm comfort in this tough life.

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