Wonder Girls’ Ye-eun and Han So-hee have a thing in common: their parents got into fraud charges 

From fraud to default charges, the debt issue of stars’ families is still heating up the entertainment industry.

The more famous they are, the more their problematic family members follow them, and stars are taking stern measures by revealing their family affairs at the risk of image damage.

The disclosure of debt disputes of stars’ family members, which swept the entertainment industry a few years ago, is still an issue that attracts public attention. This is because there is no news as provocative as the names of top stars mentioned in debt-related issues. In the end, some stars disclosed their discord with their families caused by money problems, and even informed the public of their bad family history and started to solve the problem. However, once mentioned, debt is following them like a tag that can never be erased.


Singer Yeeun, a former member of the group Wonder Girls, is drawing attention by mentioning her biological father in a counseling programming channel A’s “Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center,” which aired on March 11th. Yeeun was previously accused of fraud with her father, a pastor, in 2018. At that time, Yeeun‘s father was accused of stealing about 20 billion won worth of investment by receiving investment from church members to promote their entertainment business, and Yeeun was also accused of actively participating in it. Yeeun was investigated by the police but later claimed innocence, and Yeeun’s father was sentenced to six years in prison and is serving a prison term. Eventually, Yeeun’s heartbreaking family history was also revealed to the public.

Yeeun, who went on air for the first time in a long time, confessed that she could not forgive her father. Yeeun said, “My father is in prison for fraud. It’s already been about five years. Now that I have erased my father’s existence in my life, people around me often say, “Forgive him.” I think there are things in the world that should not be forgiven,” she said.

Ye-eun continued, “The first memory of my life was that my mother cried a lot because of my father. It turned out that my father had an affair with the church deacon. I was six years old at that time, but I remember it so vividly.” Ye-eun was hoping that her father would definitely pay the price for using his daughter’s reputation as well as causing painful memories of her childhood.

Han So-hee

Not only Ye-eun, but actress Han So-hee was also mentioned in the “debt too” controversy recently as her mother violated the Electronic Financial Transaction Act. Two years ago, Han So-hee was once embroiled in her mother’s debt struggle. At that time, the actress apologized, “I paid off my mother’s debt to the extent I could reach, but the amount grew out of my control. I thought paying off the debt on behalf of her was the only solution. It was my immature judgment and more victims seem to have suffered from that.”

Earlier on March 2nd, a YouTuber mentioned that Han So-hee‘s mother was accused of committing a fraud of 85 million won. In response, Han So-hee‘s agency said, “The artist’s mother, Mrs. Shin, used a bank account created under the name of Han So-hee in her process of borrowing money. Shin opened a bank account when Han So-hee was a minor and used it to borrow money (without Han So-hee’s knowing). There was even a forgery of private documents. A series of such cases led to civil trials, but the court clearly drew a line that Han So-hee was not related.”

The agency added, “Han So-hee will not take responsibility for any debts related to her mother. In hopes that there would be no more victims in the future, we deliver this additional explanation. It is true that we cannot cut off the relationship between the mother and her daughter. We apologize to those who unintentionally suffered damages.”

Ye-eun, who is still struggling with the wounds her father gave her, and Han So-hee, who made a firm decision on her mother’s ongoing problems, were also victims. Parents took advantage of their children’s fame, which forced their children to unveil the family affairs that they did not need to reveal to the public. As celebrities, they have to endure not only image damage but also the “debt too” tag for the rest of their lives.

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