Winning Daesangs for 8 consecutive years, BTS is the first artist to receive the ‘MAMA Platinum’ Award 

The series of victory of BTS is the joy and pride of their fans. 

“MAMA Awards 2022” officially ended with the identities of the winners revealed. Moreover, while only J-Hope made his solo appearance at MAMA, it could not contain the heat BTS brought upon winning four prestigious Daesangs: ‘Artist of the Year’, ‘Album of the Year’, ‘MAMA Platinum’ and ‘Worldwide Icon of the Year’. The “MAMA Awards 2022” chain victory continues BTS’ impressive achievement and proof of their global appeal. 

bts j-hope mama 2022
J-Hope took the awards on behalf of the group at MAMA 2022 

‘MAMA Platinum’ is the special award first created in the history of the award show to present to groups who win four major awards in one sweep. In 2019, BTS made history by winning four grand categories: ‘Artist of the Year’, ‘Album of the Year’, ‘Song of the Year’ and ‘Worldwide Icon of the Year’. 

bts j-hope mama 2022
BTS won the Grand Prizes despite their absence 

Netizens showed their respect for the group and believed BTS deserved the platinum award. In addition, the group is also the only artist to win Daesang in 8 consecutive years. In three years from 2019 to 2021, BTS ‘all-killed’ four Daesang awards in MAMA, becoming the first in the award history to do so. 

bts mama daesang
BTS is the winner of Daesang in 8 consecutive years 

Fans were overjoyed to receive the news  as the group reached another height in and out of the country, becoming a pride of Korean music. 

Several comments from netizens: 

  • All-kill Daesang in three years, 3 Daesangs in one year is already difficult! 
  • Looking at the statistics, BTS is a legend, they swept the Daesang awards at MAMA for three years without controversy 
  • Their hard work has finally paid off 

Source: k14

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