BTS’s official Twitter suddenly unfollowed 13 accounts

Recently, fans discovered that BTS’s Twitter account had cleaned up “follow list” when up to 13 accounts were unfollowed by them

BTS is one of the most influential artists on Twitter, especially with the account @ bts_twt used by the members.  @bts_twt is also the account that has set many records related to interaction statistics on Twitter, and has more than 34.3 million followers.

Therefore, every move of @bts_twt has attracted great attention, especially when it recently seems that 7 members have had time to screen the follow-list and unfollowed up to 13 accounts.

Recently, fans discovered that BTS’s account has reduced the following number from 144 to 131. That means that the group has unfollowed 13 Twitter accounts.  So who did the members unfollow?  Very quickly, the fans found out these account names.

Here is a list of 13 accounts that BTS has unfollowed recently (this list is the latest update).

1.Tony Jones (@Tony_Jones)

Note: Appeared with BTS in ‘American Hustle Life’.

2. Nate Walka (@Nate_Walka)

Note: Appeared with BTS in ‘American Hustle Life’.

3. Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan)

 Note: Not available.

4. Gaeko (DynamicDuo) (@gaekogeem)

Note: Gaeko has the song ‘Gajah’ feat RM (BTS) and they have a good relationship with each other.  However, Gaeko’s Twitter account has been deactivated since 2016.

5. Quick Style (@TheQuickstyle)

Note: The choreography group used to collaborate on choreography for BTS’s songs ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’, ‘Save Me’ and ‘Boy With Luv’.

6. Conan Gray (@conangray)

Note: Many fans were surprised and regretted that BTS unfollowed Conan Gray because they were expecting the collaboration between the two artists.  However, according to some fans, sometimes Conan Gray’s account will have very strange and controversial statements, which may be the reason why BTS had to unfollow the male singer.

7. Ante Badzim (@AnteBadzim)

Note: A Swiss photographer that V (BTS) loves his shooting style very much.  However, this may be V’s personal preference, so the group’s shared account has unfollowed it.  Fan speculates that V may have used his own account to follow Ante Badzim.

8. VEVO (@Vevo)

Note: This is the account of the multinational video hosting service of Universal Music Group and Sony Music Group.

9. Kehlani (@Kehlani)

Note: Not available.

10. Leona Lewis (@leonalewis)

Note: Not available.

11. @SuperStarBTStwt

Note: Game application “Superstar BTS” has been discontinued since June 23, 2020.

12. Tablo (EPIK HIGH) (@blobyblo)

Note: Many fans were still quite surprised when BTS unfollowed Tablo.

13. Jason Derulo (@jasonderulo)

Note: The male singer invited BTS to collaborate on the song ‘Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat) BTS Remix’ and this song reached No.1 Billboard Hot 100.

In addition, BTS no longer follows singer Sia because Sia has deleted her Twitter account.  Out of all the aforementioned names, the one who makes the ARMY fandom the most is the male singer Jason Derulo.  Accordingly, although ‘Savage Love’ hit the top of the Billboard Hot 100 thanks to BTS’s remix, Jason Derulo was said to not take BTS’s contribution seriously.

In the video to celebrate the No.1 of ‘Savage Love’ on TikTok, Jason Derulo tagged all the participants except for BTS, although the new group’s remix is ​​the one recognized by Billboard.  On ‘Ellen Show’, the male singer did not even mention the BTS name when referring to the collaboration with the group and only called the group ‘a massive Kpop group’.

Except for the case of Jason Derulo, fans are also curious why BTS unfollowed the accounts of other famous people.  However, many fans believe that it is very normal to unfollow someone if BTS feels that following their account is not too necessary or that those people are not related to the group’s activities. 

Source: twitter, tinnhac


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