Yoo In-na turned out to be a senior spy, making Jung Hae-in nervous in new episode of “Snowdrop”

“Moranbong No.1” Yoo In-na has been unveiled.

JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Snowdrop” (screenplay by Yoo Hyun-mi/Director Cho Hyun-tak) revealed the scene where Kang Cheong-ya (Yoo In-na) faced Suho (Jung Hae-in), on January 8.

Kang Cheong-ya and Suho faced each other in the lounge under dark lights. The confident attitude and expression of Cheong-ya, who revealed her real identity in the last broadcast, is the opposite to the nervousness of Suho. Suho had figured out her identity since Cheong-ya entered the hostage scene. Viewers raised questions about what kind of hidden past the two have and what opinions they will exchange about the hostage situation.

Yoo In-na Snowdrop

In the 7th episode, Kang Cheong-ya changed her behavior and tone and identified herself as Moranbong No.1. Kang Cheong-ya said, “I’m Kang Cheong-ya, head of the surgical department at the Korea Central Medical Center, who came in under the order to send my comrades to the North safely. In our country,” she said, “I am called Moranbong No.1,” surprising the viewers.

Yoo In-na Snowdrop

Attention is focusing on what Kang Cheong-ya will do in the future when she meets students in the dormitory of Hosoo Women’s University, Nam Tae-il (Park Sung-woong), and Jang Han-na (Jeong Yoo-jin), who do not know her identity.

Yoo In-na Snowdrop

In the eighth episode of “Snowdrop,” which will air on January 8th, Youngro (Jisoo) collapses after hearing the news of her brother’s death, and Lee Kang-moo (Jang Seung-jo), who was secretly moving to put a stop to the hostage, faces an unexpected situation. 


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