Son Ye Jin, who is due to give birth in December, shows off her happy moment with her husband

Son Ye-jin shared a happy time with her husband Hyun Bin.

Actress Son Ye-jin shared a photo through her Instagram on the 29th, saying “Happy brunch. Have a lovely weekend.”

son ye jin instagram brunch

In the photo released this time, Son Ye-jin seems to have prepared the brunch herself. Above all, two servings are prepared, so Son Ye-Jin and her husband Hyun-Bin seem to be happily spending the weekend together.

son ye jin hyun bin thumbnail

Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin married actress Hyun Bin, whom she had met through the movie ‘Negotiation’ and the tvN drama ‘Crash Landing on You’ in March. In addition, Hyun Bin recently made a comeback to the screen with the movie ‘Cooperation 2: International’, which has surpassed 6 million viewers.

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