“Waterbomb”: huge benefits but also extremely risky to stars

While many stars benefit from the summer music festival “Waterbomb”, various risks such as injury and sexual harassments may occur.

While there are stars who have become “trends” thanks to their performances at Waterbomb, there are also stars who are upset that they could not participate, and stars who participated but were rudely molested by the audience.

Singer Kwon Eunbi drew attention by presenting a hot performance at Korea’s largest music festival “WATERBOMB Seoul 2023” last June. On that day, Kwon Eunbi surprised netizens with a bolder outfit compared to her music show performances. She appeared in a checkered bikini, see-through cardigan and white mini-skirt.

kwon eun bi

After the performance, Kwon Eunbi’s fancam videos surpassed millions of views on YouTube, helping her earn the modifier “Waterbomb Goddess” and quickly emerge as a trend. “Underwater”, which she performed on that day, was released in October last year, but it achieved good results by seeing a resurgence on the music charts.

Singer Soyou also confessed that she wanted to appear at Waterbomb. Soyou said that she received a lot of love for her sexy image when working as a member of “Summer Queen” Sistar, but she had no connection with “Waterbomb”.


On SBS’ “Strong Heart League” on August 1st, Soyou mentioned, “Back then, I didn’t attend Waterbomb because idols didn’t do it like now.” Regarding Kwon Eunbi’s Waterbomb issue, she honestly shared, “I was a little upset this time. I also have a lot of exciting songs. I want to participate in Waterbomb.” She told Kwon Eunbi, “I envy you.”

Appearing on Water Bomb, artists have faced unexpected behavior from the audience. On July 23rd, Super Junior Donghae and Eunhyuk attended Water Bomb in Nagoya, Japan. On that day, Donghae came down from the stage and interacted with the audience. One fan reached out and touched Donghae’s chest.

Super Junior Donghae

In response, Donghae tried to block this fan’s hand, but they reached out again and continued touching him. After the video spread, netizens reacted negatively, leaving comments such as, “Touching without consent is sexual harassment” and “Very disrespectful behavior.”

Water Bomb is a unique festival that combines music and water, allowing people to enjoy water play and performances together. Artists and the audiences often playfully shoot water at each other using tools like water guns.

However, excess always comes with consequences. Some artists have complained about excessive water play from fans. After performing at Water Bomb last year, (G)I-DLE Shuhua mentioned the difficulties of Water Bomb during a live broadcast.

gi-dle shuhua

Shuhua said, “I just finished performing at Water Bomb and I didn’t know it would be like this in the water. I was so surprised.” She added, “I couldn’t see anything because I got hit with so many water guns at once. For about 30 seconds, I couldn’t see anyone.” She criticized the fans who excessively shot water, “Didn’t I tell you to go easy? Do you think that makes sense?” Another member Soyeon also asked the audience not to shoot water at their eyes.

Water Bomb is one of the trendiest music festivals in Korea, with the performers going viral even before the performances begin. Many artists who want to become mainstream also aim to perform at Water Bomb. However, fame inevitably comes with troubles.

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