Will the “Whale Couple” Park Eun-bin – Kang Tae-oh have a happy ending?… Many viewers are sad as “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is about to end

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is expected to provide pleasant and warm healing until the end.

On August 15th, ENA channel series “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” (directed by Yoo In-sik/ scripted by Moon Ji-won/ produced by AStory and KT Studio Genie), which has only two episodes left until it ends, unveiled the last behind cuts to soothe fans’ disappointment. The behind-the-scenes full of laughter wowed the viewers with the actors’ perfect performances and chemistry and raised their expectations for the last broadcasts.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” received huge love from the viewers and has created legendary scenes in each episode. The drama is showing off its power as a well-made drama by sweeping both the rating and hot topic charts every day. According to Nielsen Korea, Episode 14 recorded 16.1% in Seoul area viewer rating and continued to rank 1st among Wednesday-Thursday dramas. It also topped the popularity chart of TV Dramas for six consecutive weeks (based on data provided by Good Data Corporation in the first week of August). Above all, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is firmly maintaining its position as the No.1 content in the non-English TV shows on the global OTT platform Netflix (data released in the first week of August).

In the latest broadcast, Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin) and Hanbada attorneys went on a business trip to Jeju Island as she was in charge of a lawsuit claiming the return of unfair profits from Hwangjisa Temple’s collection of cultural heritage admission fees. Each character faced their own turning points. Realizing the reality, Woo Young-woo suggested a breakup with Lee Joon-ho (Kang Tae-oh). She thought she wasn’t the one who could make Lee Joon-ho happy. In addition, big and small changes also began to happen to Jung Myung-seok (Kang Ki-young), who found out his gastric cancer state, Choi Soo-yeon (Ha Yoon-kyung) and Kwon Min-woo (Joo Jong-hyuk), who were confused by the sudden subtle and complex emotions they had for each other. 

The behind photos captured the moments of Hanbada team, including Woo Young-woo, Lee Joon-ho, Jung Myung-seok, Choi Soo-yeon, Kwon Min-woo, as well as Dong Geu-ra-mi (Joo Hyun-young) and Kim Min-sik (Im Sung-jae). First of all, Park Eun-bin and Kang Tae-oh, who made the viewers cried with their heartbreaking breakup scene, attracted attention. Park Eun-bin, who appeared with a lovely and fresh appearance like the wind of Jeju, and Kang Tae-oh’s smile, which is bright and refreshing like the sea of Jeju, fluttered fans’ hearts. Many viewers are looking forward to seeing whether the Whale Couple will have a happy ending for their love story.

Kang Ki-young unraveled Jung Myung-seok’s narratives with his experienced acting. Jung Myung-seok, who was into work even more than his wife as well as himself, looked back on his life through the Jeju business trip, providing empathy and lingering feelings to the viewers who are being in the same situation. The smile of Ha Yoon-kyung, who is as bright as Spring Sunshine, and Joo Jong-hyuk’s playful eyes also caught the attention of fans. Will the relationship between Choi Soo-yeon and Kwon Min-woo, which can’t be identified as “some” or an illusion, change in the last two episodes?

The production team of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” said, “Woo Young-woo, Lee Joon-ho, and Hanbada members are all facing changes that began from their business trip to Jeju Island. Please wait and see the new story that will unfold in the midst of their emotional confusion and relationship conflicts”, adding “Please pay attention to how Woo Young-woo will grow in her work and love life, and also look forward to the final trial where Hanbada team will be united.”

The 15th episode of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” will air on ENA channel at 9 p.m on August 17th. It will also be released on seezn and Netflix.

Source: daum

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