Jennie appeared at the Chanel fashion show with a completely new look

Is Jennie’s outfit up to the fans’ expectations?

Today on March 3rd, Chanel will introduce the Fall/Winter 2022 collection to the fashion world. In addition to the brand new designs, the lineup of guests and ambassadors present at the event also attracted the attention of a large audience. The gorgeous ambassador from Korea, Jennie Kim, continued to be a familiar face at the show. The last time Jennie appeared in a red tweed sleeveless top and mini skirt set, this time, she has a completely different style. 

Jennie appeared at the Chanel fashion show

Cutie is exactly what pops up in viewers’ minds when they see Jennie in a pure black set including a crop top, mini skirt and jacket. She looks extremely cute with two hair bunches, her feet are wearing lace white socks and cute high-heel sandals.

Once again, Jennie surprised fans with a completely different image from the last time. Despite her cuteness, the idol still looks attractive and sexy with her small waist and slim legs!

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