Lee Joon-ki to return to the K-drama scene after 2 years as a competent prosecutor in “Again My Life” 

Lee Joon-ki to return to the K-drama scene after 2 years as a competent prosecutor in “Again My Life” 

Still cuts from actor Lee Joon-ki‘s next drama have been released. SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama Again My Life, which will premiere at 10 p.m. on April 8th, is based on author Lee Hae-nal’s web novel of the same name about a young prosecutor who is given a chance to live a 2nd life to fight against injustice.

“Again My Life” is directed by Han Chul-soo of “Graceful Family,” scripted by J and Kim Yul, and adapted by director Lee Byung-hun of the movie “Extreme Job.” On top of that, Lee Joon-ki (as Kim Hee-woo), Lee Kyung-young (as Cho Tae-seop), and Kim Ji-eun (as Kim Hee-ah), as well as veteran actor Lee Soon-jae (as Woo Yong-soo), will guarantee the quality of this series with their acting.

Lee Joon-ki plays Kim Hee-woo, a passionate prosecutor without compromise in front of law and justice. Kim Hee-woo turns back time to 15 years before being murdered and revives after being killed while trying to prosecute Jo Tae-seop, a giant villain behind the mask of a revered politician. Thanks to his previous life, he becomes an all-rounder prosecutor in his second life. Lee Joon-ki is drawing attention to his performance in building a detailed and perfect character.

Still cuts containing Kim Hee-woo’s unhindered poses were released. Lee Joon-ki draws attention by his firm expression as if he would get anyone who stands in his way despite blood dripping from his forehead. In particular, the spirit of his character Kim Hee-woo, who has a hot heart for justice, is seen in his sharp eyes, raising curiosity about the character.

Lee Joon-ki, who returned after two years with “Again My Life”, is overwhelming the scene by expressing the figure of Kim Hee-woo, a resilient and determined prosecutor, with his solid acting skills that need no further description. People are focusing on what Kim Hee-woo will look like, and whether he will be able to succeed in punishing the absolute evil in his second life.

Again My Life

Lee Joon-ki explained, “In the drama, Kim Hee-woo is a person who suffered an unfair death while trying to take down a powerful crime boss in the political circle. However, he was given a chance to start a new life and punish the absolute evil again.” He then said, “I will do my best to provide viewers with deep emotions, laughter and refreshing fun.”

“Again My Life” will premiere at 10 PM on April 8th following “Through the Darkness”.

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