Lee Hwi-jae got criticized for his ill-mannered behaviors at “2021 KBS Entertainment Awards”

Lee Hwi-jae’s behavior at the year-end awards ceremony has been embroiled in a controversy over bad manners.

At the “2021 KBS Entertainment Awards“, which aired from 9:15 PM on Dec 25th, Lee Hwi-jae won the Best Couple Award along with Lee Hyun-joo, his co-MC in “Entertainment Weekly Live“.

On stage to receive the award, he kept fiddling with his cell phone even though a live camera was filming him.

Lee Hwi-jae

Even while Lee Hyun-joo was expressing her feelings about the award, Lee Hwi-jae just focused on text messages on his cell phone. He did not take his eyes off his phone when giving his acceptance speech, either. He shared, “I don’t think there’s much time left now. Lee Yeon-bok is dozing off. I’ll finish it quickly.” He continued, “I keep getting text messages from my acquaintances. Someone asks if Hur Jae had a drink. First of all, I want to reply ‘No’.”

Lee Hwi-jae

Then, after reading the names of his acquaintances who suddenly texted him at a very high speed, he shouted loudly, “Seojun, Seoeon, listen to your mother!” and left.

Netizens criticized Lee Hwi-jae‘s inappropriate behaviors, such as “I can’t believe he went up to the stage with a cell phone. He looked like a phone addict”, “I’ve never seen such manners before”…

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