Will “Joseon Psychiatrist Yoo Se-pung” Season 2 be able to surpass Season 1?

“Yoo Se-pung” took a winning move with a new material.

The first reaction was, “Huh? This is new. It’s new,” and now it ends with “It’s heartwarming, it’s nice”. We are talking about tvN’s “Joseon Psychiatrist Yoo Se-pung” (hereinafter referred to as “Yoo Se-pung”). “Yoo Se-pung” took a winning move with a new material. As the title suggests, it is a drama featuring a Psychiatrist of the Joseon Dynasty. Isn’t this setting interesting? The fact that psychiatrists existed in the Joseon Dynasty.

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“Yoo Se-pung” is based on a novel of the same name, and novelist Lee Eun-so said that she discovered the theme based on the fact that she found an oriental medicine neuropsychiatry while searching for an oriental medical clinic because she was sick from stress. Despite the huge amount of historical dramas, there were no works dealing with psychiatrists in the Joseon Dynasty! That alone was enough to stimulate viewers’ curiosity. And as evidenced by this, the ratings of this series also started smoothly from the first episode and steadily rose until the last episode.

There are many factors that contribute to this. As mentioned earlier, the fresh materials appealed to viewers. Next, Kim Min-jae, who plays Yoo Se-pung, and Kim Hyang-gi, who plays Seo Eun-woo, added the freshness of the main characters. There are also two main storylines in “Yoo Se-pung”, including the process of finding the culprit who murdered the king, and the other is the process of Yoo Se-pung treating sick patients. In particular, in the case of sick patients, each has a heartbreaking story, and the drama even depicts how to solve those, making the audience wonder about the next episode every time. In this way, the novelty of the material and the curiosity about the storyline added to each other, resulting in a well-loved series by the audience.

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However, one thing that is regrettable is that the setting of a “psychiatrist in the Joseon Dynasty” has faded slightly. Of course, in the process of treating patients, there are situations in which the patient’s heart is comforted first to treat the diseases caused by mental pain, not just those with physical diseases. However, this is a bit different from modern health psychiatrists. It is enough that the mental pain also is expressed as a physical disease, but many hope that it could have been more like a “campaign” that deals with more mental diseases in depth beyond the degree of just “comforting one’s heart.” With this regret, the series ended after the 12th episode.

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However, there is still a chance to recover from this disappointment. The “Yoo Se-pung” series is not over yet, and it will return with a season 2 next January. In the last episode, Kim Min-jae (playing Yoo Se-pung) was called to the king at the same time when the culprit was caught, leaving questions about why. This will be a paving stone for season 2, but what story will it come back with? Whatever it is, fans hope that it will be more faithful to the setting of “a psychiatrist in the Joseon Dynasty.”

Source: Daum

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