Who is Wu Yifan?: The no.1 scandalous bad boy of Cbiz and his series of scandals

1. Who is Wu Yifan?

Wu Yifan is a singer, rapper, actor, and former member of the famous boy group EXO.

Wu Yifan is also one of the “four great flows” of the Chinese entertainment industry. The phrase “four great flows” is common to celebrities who own a large, huge fan base and have a huge amount of interest from the public. With his outstanding appearance and charisma, the male singer has achieved many successes and became a bright face in his singing, acting, and fashion careers. However, in parallel with his successful career, Wu Yifan also got into a lot of scandals in his private life.

Let’s learn more about the biography, career, and private life of this guy.

Who is Wu Yifan?: The no.1 scandalous bad boy of Cbiz and his series of scandals

2. Biography of Wu Yifan

2.1. What is his real name?

Wu Yifan’s real name is Li Jiaheng (李嘉恒). His English name is Kevin and he used to take the stage name Kris Wu when he was still in EXO.

2.2. When was he born?

Wu Yifan was born on November 6, 1990.

2.3. Where is he from?

Wu Yifan was born in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. When he was 10 years old, his parents divorced, and he emigrated with his mother to live in Canada. Currently, Wu Yifan has two citizenships: Canada and China.

3. Wu Yifan’s career

3.1. Wu Yifan used to be the 11th member of EXO

With a passion for singing, Wu Yifan once auditioned and became the 11th member of the Korean cult group EXO on February 17, 2012, taking the stage name Kris.

In 2014, because of disagreements with SM Entertainment, Wu Yifan left the group and at the same time filed a lawsuit to terminate his contract with the company. After that, he returned to China to develop a solo career.

Who is Wu Yifan?: The no.1 scandalous bad boy of Cbiz and his series of scandals

3.2. Wu Yifan became one of the “four great flows” of Cbiz

After returning home, Wu Yifan officially pursued a solo career as a professional rapper. The male rapper continuously broke a series of records. His first solo song “Time of the Dance” surpassed 1 million views within 3 hours and 25 minutes on the first day of its debut. His song “Like That” (2018) once entered Billboard Hot 100 and helped him become a pioneering Chinese singer with this remarkable achievement.

Fame, the opportunity to act in movies and television shows then gradually came to Wu Yifan. Although the acting skills of the male star born in 1990 are still controversial, it is undeniable that thanks to his charisma, movie works always dominate the cinema market.

Thanks to that, Wu Yifan stands in the ranks of celebrities with the highest ticket sales achievements today.

With energy and effort, Wu Yifan increasingly proved his strength and quickly became the star with the largest fanbase in China, and was also included in the list of “four great flows” along with Yang Yang, Li Yifeng, and Luhan.

3.3. Wu Yifan’s solo music products:

  • Time boils the rain 
  • There is a place 
  • Like That
  • Bad Girl
  • Sword Like A Dream
  • From Now On 
  • Good Kid
  • Aurora 
  • To Fly

…and many other music products

3.4. Some movies that Wu Yifan has participated in:

Not only possesses an admirable musical career, but Wu Yifan also shows his ability in the field of acting. Notable movies include:

  • Mermaid
  • Journey to the West (2017)
  • Mr. Six (2015) 
  • So Young 2: Never Gone (2015)
  • Sweet Sixteen (2015) 
  • xXx: Return of Xander Cage(2017)
  • Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017)

3.5. Wu Yifan’s awards:

  • The most Favorite Singer (2014)
  • Voted as Face of the Year 2015
  • Best Actor Weibo Night (2015)
  • The first 9x young star has a wax figure built at Madame Tussauds Shanghai Wax Museum
  • Best Actor Award in Tokyo International Film Festival at Chinese Film Week “Golden Crane” (2016)

3.6. Wu Yifan: The face of big brands

In addition to his musical ability, Wu Yifan also possesses a unique fashion sense, a style that is difficult to obtain. Therefore, the actor quickly became the brand ambassador of many international fashion brands.

In January 2016, Wu Yifan was honored as the first Asian to become the global representative for Burberry.

Wu Yifan was also the first person to be the vedette during World Fashion Week. Besides, he also regularly appears at major events in the US, big fashion shows, and be the brand ambassador of Bvlgari and Louis Vuitton.

Who is Wu Yifan?: The no.1 scandalous bad boy of Cbiz and his series of scandals

In China, Wu Yifan is one of the rare artists to appear on the cover of all 5 famous men’s magazines: L’Officiel Hommes, QG, Esquire, Elle Men, and Harper’s Bazaar Men.

This male artist also launched his own clothes and accessories brand A.C.E in 2018.

4. Wu Yifan’s private life:

4.1. Wu Yifan is an extremely lady-killer artist of Cbiz

In addition to a successful career, Wu Yifan is also known for a series of love affairs with famous hot girls of Cbiz. Until July 2021, the following girls have been “on the list” of Wu Yifan’s lovers: Xiao GNA, Luna Qin, Joanna, Chen Yizi, Du Meidzu, Jiang Junjie, Song Songcan, W1XXX, Deserve23.

4.2. Wu Yifan: The scandal of hunting underage girls, the risk of becoming the “second Zheng Shuang”

Since the end of May, Wu Yifan has been constantly entangled in a series of scandals related to being in love with 5 people at the same time, sexually assaulting, “hunting” underage girls, and badmouthing EXO’s members… However, until the morning of July 19, the list of girls who claimed to be victims of being cheated by Wu Yifan had become a hot topic on Weibo. Chinese netizens predict that this list can reach up to 108 girls.

4.3. Wu Yifan was accused of having relationship with 5 hot girls at the same time

On May 28, Wu Yifan was caught at the cinema with hot girl Yizi while dating hot girl Jiang Junjie. On the evening of June 2, a close friend of hot girl Du Meidzu accused Wu Yifan of adultery and said that the male singer and his best friend have been in a relationship since November 2020. 

Who is Wu Yifan?: The no.1 scandalous bad boy of Cbiz and his series of scandals

At the same time, Jiang Junjie also admitted to be in a dating relationship with him. Not long after, 3 other hot girls, W1XXX, Deserve23, and Song Songcan also released evidence of the message that he was dating them.

In the midst of the controversy, Wu Yifan’s side sent a lawyer to threaten to sue these accounts. However, Du Meidzu released a series of other shocking pieces of evidence.

4.4. Wu Yifan was accused of cheating many minors 

In July 2021, Du Meidzu repeatedly denounced the indictments of Wu Yifan including using the reason of casting to sexually abuse underage girls and deliberately getting her drunk to be sexually abused. Moreover, Wu Yifan used more than 470 thousand yuan to bribe her but she refused.

This is not the first time that Wu Yifan was involved in love scandals related to young girls. The former EXO member has repeatedly been accused of having a depraved lifestyle and complicated love life.

4.5. Wu Yifan has badmouthed with former EXO’s members:

Also in the interview of his ex-lover Du Meidzu on July 18, the beauty mentioned that Wu Yifan used to spoke badly of EXO’s members. Immediately, people quickly found an article from 2016 of Wu Yifan’s ex – Xiao G.Na. She accused the male singer of badmouthing Zhang Yixing and Huang Zitao. He said Huang Zitao didn’t know how to sing; Luhan and Zhang Yixing was all a honey tongue but a heart of gall.

Who is Wu Yifan?: The no.1 scandalous bad boy of Cbiz and his series of scandals

4.6. Kris Wu’s is coming to an end

A series of shocking scandals have caused Wu Yifan’s career to be greatly affected. Very soon after the incident happened, many brands have stopped working with the actor.

A series of big brands such as LV, Lancôme, and the game King of Glory have deleted all advertisements of Wu Yifan. In addition, the movie The Golden Hairpin that he starring with Yang Zi is also on the verge of being delayed indefinitely.

For the first time in the career of the 31-year-old male singer, he has received a series of severe criticisms and boycotts from the audience, and brands… The audience also surmised that he will soon “follow” Zheng Shuang after this big private life scandal.

5. Beautiful images of Wu Yifan:

Who is Wu Yifan?: The no.1 scandalous bad boy of Cbiz and his series of scandals
Who is Wu Yifan?: The no.1 scandalous bad boy of Cbiz and his series of scandals
Who is Wu Yifan?: The no.1 scandalous bad boy of Cbiz and his series of scandals
Who is Wu Yifan?: The no.1 scandalous bad boy of Cbiz and his series of scandals

6. Wu Yifan’s MV:

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