Who is the better femme fatale: Seo Ye Jin in new K-drama “Eve”, or Kim Tae Hee in “Yong Pal”?

Actress Seo Ye Ji is going to return as a super dangerous woman in her upcoming K-drama “Eve”. 

Seo Ye Ji as Lee Ra El of “Eve”

After a long hiatus, the famous actress Seo Ye Ji will return as a vengeful woman in “Eve”. In particular, she will play Lee Ra El, whose father was killed by a powerful figure. Ra El’s entire family also fell to ruins soon after, leading our female lead to embark on a journey of revenge. 

Seo Ye-ji

For 13 years, Ra El trains herself to be a dangerous woman, and has her eyes set on Kang Yoon Gyeom, who controlled the LY corporation.

Seo Ye Ji exuded a fatal charm in the teaser of “Eve”.

However, Ra El is not alone in her revenge, and also receives the help of Seo Eun Pyeong, who is an orphan. After knowing the tragedy of Ra El’s family, he started to pursue power, and has now become one of the youngest National Assembly officers in Korea. 

Just from the plot alone, it is evident that Lee Ra El will be a cunning, cold, and intelligent woman. The recently released teasers and posters also showed actress Seo Ye Ji as a total femme fatale. 

Inside this gaze may hold some deadly traps.   

Kim Tae Hee as Han Yeo Jin of “Yong Pal”

Previously in 2015, actress Kim Tae Hee also transformed into a vengeful femme fatale in “Yong Pal”. This character is a 180 degree turn from the actress’ gentle and sweet image, and netizens were left flabbergasted at the performance that Tae Hee delivered. The deadly woman Han Yeo Jin thus received numerous praise from the audience, completely disproving accusations that Kim Tae Hee did not know how to act. 

Compared to Tae Hee, whose features are more gentle, Seo Ye Ji has sharper eyes and mouth, making her extremely suitable as cunning characters. In fact, Lee Ra El so far has shown off charms just as fatal as Han Yeo Jin


Only time will tell whether Ra El or Yeo Jin will be a more fearsome woman. For those curious, you see for yourself Seo Ye Ji’s version of femme fatale by watching “Eve”, which will be released this May. 

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