Who has the most singing parts in all MVs of BLACKPINK?

Summarizing all the released MVs of BLACKPINK, it turns out that Jennie is not the one with the most singing line among the four girls.

For fans, the length of time the members of the group sing has always been a source of heated debate. BLACKPINK is no exception since YG frequently does not evenly distribute the singing line among the four members.


Jennie with the title “YG princess” is always considered by netizens as the one who sings the most in BLACKPINK.  In fact, the most favored member is another person that surprised many people.


Rosé has many lines in each song of BLACKPINK since she’s the group’s main vocalist. She has the most screen time in five of the ten music videos released: BOOMBAYAH, Stay, DDU-DU DDU-DU, Kill This Love, and Lovesick Girls.

Specifically, Rosé’s singing part accounted for: 36.6% in Stay, 29.3% in DDU-DU DDU-DU, 29% in Kill This Love, 32.2% in Lovesick Girls.


Despite playing the role of the main dancer, Lisa is favored with a lot of time in the group’s songs.  Among the group’s MVs, Lisa has 4 leading MVs in terms of singing time: Playing With Fire, As If It’s Your Last, How You Like That.

The two music videos How You Like That and Ice Cream plainly reflect YG’s love for Lisa. Screen time for the female idol is 29.51 percent and 27.08 percent, respectively. This rate is absolutely overwhelming compared to the main vocalist Rosé, prompting dissatisfaction among fans who have vented their frustrations on YG.


Since her debut with BLACKPINK, Jennie has always been labeled “YG princess“.  Many people assume that Jennie is the most favored member of the group. They think her screen time in the MVs is also more than those of the other members.  In fact, Jennie has only 1 MV that leads in screentime, which is Whistle with 33.3%.

Fans even had to complain because Jennie didn’t have any rap part in the MV How You Like That and Ice Cream.  The entire spotlight is dedicated to Lisa – the main dancer. 


Jisoo must be the one who endures the most injustice in BLACKPINK. She has never led the vocal line in any of the group’s music videos. Even the female idol’s screen time in As If It’s Your Last is terribly limited, at only 15%.

Fans repeatedly demanded justice for Jisoo.  However, YG has always turned a blind eye and has no response.  Although in the “Lovesick Girls” MV, BLACKPINK has a fairly regular distribution of lyrics, fans still expect the visual to once take the lead in screen time.

Within the BLINK fandom, line distribution is a perennially contentious subject. Fans are looking forward to BLACKPINK’s forthcoming comeback and demand equal screen time for all members. However, it remains to be seen whether YG would heed the fans’ wishes.

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