10 years of marriage… Lee Hyo-ri: “I want to have a baby, but it’s not easy”

Singer Lee Hyo-ri complained that it is not easy to get pregnant.

Lee Hyo-ri shared her concerns about her second generation on TVING’s “Seoul Check-in”, which aired on April 15th.

Lee Hyori

On this day, Lee Hyo-ri traveled to the ski resort with Kim Jong-min, Shinji, Eun Ji-won and DinDin.

Kim Jong-min asked carefully, “Do you have any thoughts about having a baby?” Lee Hyo-ri said, “I have. But it’s not as easy as I thought. I think it’s because I’m old.”

Lee Hyori

Born in 1979, Lee Hyo-ri is 44 years old this year. Her husband, singer Lee Sang-soon, is 49 years old, 5 years older than her. The two got married in 2013 for 9 years this year, but have no children.

Lee Hyo-ri has previously mentioned the story of pregnancy. She revealed her pregnancy plans for the first time on MBC’s “Hangout with Yoo” in 2020.

Lee Hyori

After finishing her activities as SSAK3’s Linda G, Lee Hyo-ri surprised members by saying, “I have plans to get pregnant now. If I can’t get pregnant in winter, I’ll participate. I’m taking herbal medicine now. It’s natural since we’ve been married for 8 years.”

Afterwards, Hyori Lee worked as a member of Refund Sisters. She visited Uhm Jung-hwa‘s house and confessed, “(The doctor) told me not to drink alcohol if I want to get pregnant. That’s why I can’t even drink at home. I told my husband not to smoke. I’m busy day and night.”

In particular, about why she wants to be a mother, Lee Hyo-ri shared, “I think the reason I came to this world is to learn something. I heard parenting is the thing that helps you study your mind the most. I want to learn sacrifice, effort and love that only ‘mothers’ can do.”

Lee Hyori

Top star Lee Hyo-ri‘s pregnancy was a national concern. People found Lee Hyo-ri‘s words to be meaningful as she has revealed her pregnancy plans several times on TV shows and expressed interest in the second generation.

Closing her promotions as the sub-character Cheon-ok on “Hangout with Yoo“, Lee Hyo-ri got embroiled in pregnancy rumors as she said, “I’ll greet you again in 5 years. Thank you for supporting me while I was promoting as Linda G and Cheon-ok. I’ll say hello to you again in 5 years. Don’t forget me until then and see you in 5 years.”

Her agency ESteem Entertainment drew a line, “It was just a joke for fans.” This ended Lee Hyo-ri‘s pregnancy rumors.

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