EXO Se-hun is praised for his heartwarming letter amid controversy regarding some idols’ attitudes towards fans

The story behind Se-hun’s “personality proof” is going viral.  

EXO Sehun new book
The recommendation letter that Se-hun wrote with sincerity.

When EXO Se-hun’s enthusiastic longtime fan published a book called ‘I’m the curry maker’, Se-hun wrote a letter of recommendation for the book himself.  Sehun’s touching story shines even more as an idol recently got into controversy for their cold attitude towards their longtime fan. 

Sehun started the letter with a “When I first heard the news about this book, I couldn’t help but laugh.” He continued, “I had thought that what book can you even publish about Vivi Curry?” However, after finishing reading it, I completely changed my mind. I felt that the restaurant’s owner, who likes me, was sincerely and honestly contemplating and putting every word into the book. The author is so great and cool, and on the other hand, I’m happy and proud as well.”. 

EXO Sehun new book

There is a story behind this relationship between Sehun and his longtime fan’s curry. Author Kim Min-ji was already famous in Sehun’s fandom for her signature curry dish inspired by Sehun’s pet dog Vivi. “Vivi Curry”, which was created while she was running a pop-up restaurant in Mia Nonnaa, Mangwon-dong, went viral among fans and even got sold out.

The publisher shared in the introduction of the book, “What makes this book special is that Se-hun actually responded to the pure yet creative lady’s fan life. Se-hun read the manuscript from beginning to end for the first time as a famous idol, and his review was published as it is without any revisions to fully convey the emotions that he felt as he has put his sincerity into each word.”

Fans showed reactions such as “The relationship between this singer and his fan is so heart-warming that I shed tears”, “Recently, when I saw the news that an idol answered ‘So what?’ to a fan saying ‘I’m your longtime fan’, my heart ached. If all idols are like Se-hun, I would never regret being their longtime fan”…


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