What’s happening to MAMA 2018?

Even thou there’s still 1 big night left, MAMA 2018 seems to have failed to reach fans’ expectation.

2 out of 3 nights of MAMA 2018 had officially happened in Korea and Japan. However, until now, nothing much had impressed the fans. Performances weren’t spectacular, the line-ups were too normal, lame awards,…Have MAMA 2018 failed to appeal to its fans?

MAMA – a prestigious award show of Asia

MAMA – short for Mnet Asian Music Awards – is Asian biggest awards show hosted by Mnet. Along with Seoul Music Awards, Golden Disk Awards and Melon Music Awards, MAMA is one of the top 4 prestigious awards show to Asian artists (mostly Korean artists). MAMA gained its popularity through well-prepared performances and extravagant line-ups.

MAMA’s logo

MAMA reached its peaked when Mnet decided to let MAMA going abroad. In 2011, MAMA was hosted in Singapore, and years after that, in HongKong. Aside from its international scale, exquisite and exclusive stages from many artists are what made MAMA interesting to fans. Even thou there are still scandals and mistakes, those are nothing comparing to MAMA’s big scale. Because of these reasons, MAMA gets hotter and hotter every year.

Girls’ Generation’s top performance at MAMA in 2011.
One of the most amazing performances in MAMA’s history came from Trouble Maker.


Maybe because of the reasons above that more and more people are waiting for MAMA every year. They expect a lot, such as extravagant stages different from normal promote stages, the excitement while waiting for the awards,… With all these love, MAMA should have upgraded the quality of their shows. However, for the last few years, MAMA slowly lose fans’ trust due to their downfall. Not just the stages that failed fans’ expectation, but also debatable problems surrounding their awards. For example are the awards that have been presented at MAMA 2018 in Korea and Japan.


In the past, fans have always wondered that this year who will be named in the highest honors. That is the atmostphere of the previous MAMA awards season, but this year, it was no longer exciting. Because of the reduced number of invited guests, only a few prominent artists attended, almost all the prizes were distributed to those who attended. The most obvious exampleis the award of BTS. The name BTS has been continuously called during the awards ceremony in Japan. Not only that, fans of the group (G)-IDLE felt sorry because the group lost the “Best Rookie” award to IZ*ONE. This is also understandable because the IZ*ONE group came from the reality show”Produce48,” produced by Mnet.

BTS at 2018 MAMA in Japan.
IZ*ONE performed at MAMA Premiere in Korea.

Even so, MAMA 2018 also learned Melon Music Award when the Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10 award was invented for the first time so that no artist will be empty-handed. Maybe not just Wanna One, but even GOT7, Nu’est W could be empty handed at MAMA 2018 night in Japan without this award. Even at MAMA Korea, Wanna One was also honored in the “DDP Best Trend” category, which is unknown to fans.

Wanna One won “DDP Best Trend” at MAMA 2018 in Korea.


The stage was set up monstrously, lightsticks shone brightly at the hall, and fans looked forward to awesome performances from the artists.However, the last two shows of MAMA 2018 in Korea and Japan did not meet their expectations.

MAMA night Premiere in Korea was simply a “playground” of rookies as well as foreign artists, so everything happens quite quickly, without any special mark. As for the night of MAMA Fans’Choice in Japan, there were more performances coming from the well known groups, but the quality did not come up to fans’ expectations. In addition to the opening stage covering the 2nd generation idols’ hits and Mamamoo’s hot performances, the remaining ones were quite normal and not different when being compared to the weekly broadcast stage. Even the big names like BTS, Wanna One did not have any breakthrough in their performances even though they performed more than two songs.

Stray Kids covered “Overdose” and”Growl” of EXO.
Monsta X teamed up with GOT7 to create Big Bang’s”Fantastic Baby” stage at MAMA Japan 2018.
Pole dance became the specialty of MAMAMOO.
Wanna One with “Boomerang” at the MAMA in Japan stage.
BTS’s “Fake Love” performance did not have any breakthrough at MAMA  in Japan.

However, it may be because two nights MAMA Fans’ Choice in Japan and MAMA Premiere in Korea are not the most important, so the artists are still not showing all their strengths. Let’s look forward to  2018 MAMA in Hong Kong on December 14th to see if the artists are really burning the stage.

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