Seol In Ah participates in Lee Chanhyuk video’s project album

Actress Seol In Ah participated in Leechanhyukvideo’s project album and will release a remake of “I Know, Even If You Don’t Say”.

Seol In Ah participated as a singer in Leechanhyukvideo’s project album “Umbrella”, which will be released at 6 PM on June 28th. AKMU Lee Chan Hyuk participated in the selection, arrangement and planning processes as a producer. “Umbrella”, which consists of a total of 12 remake tracks, is drawing attention as artists from various fields participate as singers.

seol in ah

The sixth track “I Know, Even If You Don’t Say” sung by Seol In Ah is a remake of a song written by Kang Seung Won, Lee Hong Seok and composed by Kang Seung Won. It is famous as Choco Pie’s representative CM song that makes you recite the lyrics just by listening to the melody. “I Know, Even If You Don’t Say”, which combines Lee Chan Hyuk’s production and Seol In Ah’s cozy tone, contains the emotions that will be kept beneath listeners’ hearts even as time goes by.

Seol In Ah, who has shown extraordinary interest and affection for music by uploading videos of her playing guitar and singing on her SNS, released the collaboration song “Pure Love” with a vegan fashion brand last year. Last March, she appeared on KBS2’s “The Seasons: Jay Park’s Drive” and created a stage that became one with the audience even though it was her first live stage.

seol in ah

Attention is focused on Seol In Ah’s moves to expand her activity area.

Meanwhile, Leechanhyukvideo’s project album “Umbrella”, in which Seol In Ah participated, can be found on various online music sites at 6 PM on June 28th.

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