Hyoyeon (SNSD): ‘The group cried so much the day the members left’

Hyoyeon (DJ HYO) shared the tearful memories of SNSD at the recent Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope.

On November 15th, Hyoyeon (DJ HYO) participated as a guest on Kim Shin Young‘s “Noon Song of Hope”. Here, she has had a sincere share of her solo career as well as the memories between her and the members of SNSD.

Accordingly, DJ HYO revealed that even though many SNSD members are now going different paths, their relationship is still very good. She said that her sisters often express feelings for each other when talking on group chat, especially Tiffany. “I’m always grateful to the members because it’s not easy for us to bond with each other for 10 years. When the members left, we cried a lot. “

Known as the “dancing queen” of Kpop, Hyoyeon is still worried about her dance skills: “I feel my skills are gradually decreasing every day. When I see good dancers on YouTube, I realize I’m weak. I will practice hard whenever I can. “

On November 13, Hyoyeon has launched a solo product called “Punk Right Now” under the name of DJ HYO featuring DJ 3LAU. Although not aggressively promoted, this product has received a positive response from the public thanks to the upbeat melodies and Hyoyeon’s impressive, intense dance skills. After only a few hours of release, the MV has topped iTunes in 23 countries and territories.

MV Punk Right Now – HYO & 3LAU

Source: Sao Star

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