“We didn’t even expect it to be our last stage”, 2NE1 got emotional at their awards video 

For the first time, group 2NE1 talked about their MAMA behind-the-scene stories. 

2NE1 recently appeared in Mnet’s “MAMA THE ORIGINAL K-POP AWARD – MAMA LEGEND ARTIST,” which is uploaded on Nov 4th.

On this day, the four members of 2NE1 CL, Sandara Park, Park Bom, and Gong Min-ji – were each interviewed. 2NE1 went on their final stage as a complete group at MAMA in 2015. In this regard, Sandara Park said, “I didn’t expect it to be our last stage, but I think we might have known to some extent, that it could be our last time,” she said calmly. 

Gong Min-ji said, “That stage is very meaningful,” Park Bom said, “We needed to show our fans who is the original 2NE1,” and CL said, “We performed with the mindset that we were happy to receive this opportunity and we hoped the audience could feel our heart.”

2NE1 also won the “Song of the Year” award at MAMA in their debut year in 2009. Watching the video of that moment, Sandara Park said, “I couldn’t enjoy the moment. I even thought they called the wrong name. What do you mean we got a Daesang in our debut year,” she expressed her feelings.

All 2NE1 members, who were rookies in the video, had shed their tears. Park Bom, who was watching the video, wiped away her tears, saying, “I still remember that feeling at that time. I miss 2NE1.

Gong Min-ji also shed tears, saying, “It’s blurry somehow now that I watch it again, but I was so grateful and the moment itself was precious. It’s the biggest memory of my unforgettable life. I will never forget the moment of us all welcoming the joy together.”


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