9 new girl groups to debut in 2022: JYP and YG to launch monster rookies to complete the “Big 3” of 4th generation girl groups?

A few groups in this list have confirmed their debut schedule, while other lineups remain a mystery. 

Since the last days of 2021, netizens have made predictions about a fierce battle for the female rookie award of 2022, not only because a lot of new girl groups have been scheduled to debut this year, but most importantly, major entertainment agencies like JYP, YG or HYBE have confirmed their plans to launch new girl groups.

Korean netizens have made a compilation of girl groups that recently debuted and will debut in 2022, contributing to the intense competition of this year’s female rookies. Among the following groups, there are groups whose debut releases have been introduced in January, while the lineups for other groups still remain a big question mark.


Debuted on January 3

– The girl group that came out of Mnet’s survival reality show “Girls Planet 999

– Members: Choi Yujin (1996), Shen Xiaoting (1999), Mashiro (1999), Kim Chaehyun (2002), Kim Dayeon (2003), Hikaru (2004), Huening Bahiyyih (2004), Seo Youngeun (2004) , Kang Yeseo (2005)


(Average height: 171.5 cm)

Debuted on January 5

– Stella Jang’s girl group under GLG

– Members: Sitala (1996), Seoi (2000), Riina (2001), Yel (2004)


(Temporary name is JYPn)

Expected to debut in February

  • JYP’s next girl group after TWICE and ITZY, including members who are strong vocalists

Members: Lily (2002), Haewon (2003), Sullyoon (2004), Jinni (2004), BAE (2004), Jiwoo (2005), Gyujin (2006)


(The first YG girl group with a Chinese member)

– YG’s next girl group after BLACKPINK

– Members (unconfirmed): Yang Chaewon (2006), No Hyelin (2006), Kang Seojin (2000), Wei Chen (2000), Wang Siyu (1999)

9 new girl groups to debut in 2022

Min Hee Jin’s girl group

– Brand new girl group under an independent label of HYBE called ADOR, produced by Min Hee Jin – former visual director of SHINee, f(x), EXO and Red Velvet

– Members (unconfirmed): Lee Seohyun (2004), Kim Minji (2004), Ryu Hanbi (2004)

9 new girl groups to debut in 2022

Source Music’s girl group

(Under HYBE Labels)

– Source Music, GFRIEND’s former management company, will form a new girl group featuring “Produce 48” trainees and former members of IZ*ONE

– Members (unconfirmed): Sakura (1998), Kim Chaewon (2000), Heo Yunjin (2001), Yoon Chaebin (2006)

9 new girl groups to debut in 2022

MLD’s girl group

– MLD Entertainment, the management agency of MOMOLAND, plans to debut a new girl group in 2022 with Nonaka Shana – the finalist of “Girls Planet 999” as the center

– Members (unconfirmed): Nonaka Shana (2003), Chantal Videla (2002), Nancy Yang (?)

9 new girl groups to debut in 2022

SW’s girl group

– SW Entertainment’s first girl group

– Members: Lee Eunbi (2004), Park Rian (2004), Kang Taerin (2006), Yoon Taebin (2008) 

9 new girl groups to debut in 2022


– FCENM Entertainment’s girl group, 4/6 members are contestants of “Girls Planet 999”

– Members: Kishida Ririka (2002), Hayase Hana (2000), Chang Ching (2002), Lee Yun Ji (2002)

9 new girl groups to debut in 2022

With such packed debut schedules, fans and the public are now eagerly looking forward to the female rookie battle of 2022. In particular, many fans believe that the “Big 3” of 4th generation girl groups are about to be formed when the two new girl groups of JYP and YG make their debut and compete with SM’s representative, aespa.

– “Finally, NMIXX and BaeMon, the real A-list girlgroups are here ㅋㅋ”

– “Can YG change the name of the group. What is BABYMONSTERS?”

– “Is it time for MYs to shut up?”

– “If you look at SM’s history, there’s no way Min Hee Jin’s girl group could fail…”

– “A-tier: NMIXX, BaMon and aespa, B-tier: STAYC, I’VE and Min Hee Jin’s group”

– “But am I the only one who thinks BABYMONSTERS will likely not debut this year..? BLACKPINK’s debut was delayed for quite a long time. Honestly, I feel like their junior group’s debut won’t be until 2023”

– “VIVIZ!”

– Wow the competition is even more intense than TWICE-Red Velvet-BLACKPINK


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