“Heart Signal 3” Park Ji-hyun to work under the same agency with “Single’s Inferno” Freezia

Park Ji-hyun, who appeared in Heart Signal Season 3, signed an exclusive contract with Song Ji-ah (Freezia)’s agency Hyowon CNC.

On Jan 7th, Hyowon CNC announced that they signed an exclusive contract with Park Ji-hyun and promised full support for her full-fledged activities as a creator.

Park Ji-hyun said, “After the end of Heart Signal, I joined Hyowon CNC, which has been helping me both physically and mentally. I am very excited about this new start and I want to challenge various fields while working actively as a creator.”

Park Ji-hyun

Hyowon CNC shared, “We are very happy to be with a talented artist and creator named Park Ji-hyun. We will spare no effort in supporting her future activities.”

Meanwhile, Park Ji-hyun appeared in Heart Signal Season 3 with a celebrity-level visual and received overwhelming votes from male participants. Afterwards, she made headlines once again by participating in Friends (Heart Signal’s Spin Off).

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