It is rumored that Lisa will not go to Paris for the Fashion Week but to film an MV with DJ Snake

Although Lisa (BLACKPINK) is still silent, but DJ Snake’s side and fans have been spreading this rumor that seems to be real!

During the past few days, BLACKPINK has made headlines all over the media and SNS sites after they came to Paris (France) for the Paris Fashion Week. 3 out of 4 members of BLACKPINK, except for Lisa, already arrived at Paris. And Lisa is also the member who confused fans the most because no one knows what her purpose of coming to France is.

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According to the latest news, Lisa will be the latest member to fly to Paris but will stay there for the longest time. In particular, she will arrive in France in October 4 and will stay there for 13 days until October 17. We can simply think that Lisa will attend the Fashion Week just like other members of BLACKPINK. However, fans recently spread the rumor of her going to Paris for a collaboration MV project with DJ Snake.

One piece of information that convinced fans that Lisa’s MV was being filmed came from the CEO of the firm Red Level Agency. This is a company specializing in organizing concerts and tours in Asia based in France. He said that Lisa and DJ Snake are now filming a part of the music video for their collaboration and that the rest of the video will be filmed in Paris next week.

DJ Snake himself has already hinted at this anticipated collaboration. On October 2, DJ Snake sent out the following tweet: S-O-L-M. Fans instantly identified four suspected names to combine: Snake, Ozuna, Lisa, and Megan.

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Following that, Ozuna and Megan Thee Stallion also responded to DJ Snake’s hint. Megan’s Twitter account retweeted DJ Snake’s tweet. Ozuna even changed his Twitter bio to S-O-L-M. The letter L is the only one that remains a mystery. With what is known, many people feel Lisa will be the last piece of this puzzle.

Snake, Ozuna, Lisa, and Megan.

YG and Lisa, on the other hand, have yet to confirm this information. Anyway, let’s keep an eye on Lisa’s every movement in France and hope for the best!

Sources: kenh14

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